Flackoff – The Flackoff 7″ E.P.


If you ask med to make a list over my top 2, or 5 or 10 or 100 UK punk 7inches, this one is always number one. As Tina Turner almost sang, It’s simply the best!
And if you ask me which record I’ve spent most time ever in tracking down, this one will most likely always be number one. Close to 15 years to track down this one, including help from the band members who posted Wanted ads on their personal facebook pages.

It’s not hyper rare or wanted by millions of punks all over the world. It’s not insanely expencive and I don’t even think it’s a super small pressing, but before I found my copy, it just didn’t turn up anywhere. Since then I’ve seen a few more copies for sale and realized that there might be some misunderstandings about the band name, where some people divide the name into two words, Flack Off, and some as one word. I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be one word as that’s what their official website says as well. Never mind the band name, it took me close to 15 years before I actually got hold of a copy of my own. So, the years of searching might be a part of why I hold this one so dear. There are shit loads of records that I love, but this is one of the very few ones I’ve been completely obssesed  with. And at least I think it’s a perfect record to be obsessed by. All 3 tracks are absolute top notch, and yes, so is the a-side Cocktails at six even if it’s over 4 minutes, has lots of slower parts, guitar picking and a weird hard rock influenced guitar break.

If you don’t get the greatness of this EP you just ain’t worthy!


Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Sofa
Format: 7″
Cocktails at six.mp3
Montague Jack Farmer.mp3
The king is dead.mp3

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9 Responses to Flackoff – The Flackoff 7″ E.P.

  1. François says:

    I was needing several listening to appreciate it.The voice is a bit weird but I think it’s a good find , a forgotten gem

  2. Chano says:

    Well, the A-side is not my cup of tea. It actually drags a bit. The flip is a different story: loud & fast just the way it should be!! I don’t know about the singer… Sometimes i like her, sometimes i find her quite annoying. It goes up and down just like that. Another band that I had never heard before. Cheers!

  3. gary says:

    thanx thanx i like it a lot …nice vocals !

  4. John says:

    A choice find! Love the vocals.

    I have a similar story hunting for a record. Not particularly rare but I could find it. When I finally did (still sealed too) I had to ask my buddy to borrow some cash to pay the $25 for it. It wasn’t until I got to the register that I was told it cost $2.50. I was so excited to find it that I misread the price tag. Ha ha ha

    • Martin says:

      Thanks John! And out of curiosity, what was it you were looking for?

      • John says:

        I used to collect lots of vinyl from the Stiff Records label and was a big fan of Rachel Sweet. I combed the the used bins for ages looking for her second album, Protect the Innocent, with it’s bizarre album cover. She covers everyone from The Damned to The Velvet Underground to Elvis on that record. After I finally found a copy, cutouts of it seemed to pop up everywhere.
        (I think I didn’t say which record it was cos I can go on and on about it. Ha ha ha)

  5. SkinheadTrevor says:


    I first heard The King Is Dead on one of the KBD comps and its great, and I’m pretty sure it found its way onto some of my homemade comps I put together and put online for friends, thanks for posting this as right now I’m getting my ipod ready for another Saturday night out.

  6. Anarkistattak says:

    Great new find of the week. Thanks.

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