Nirvana – Kielletyt leikit/Kuljen kaupungilla 7″


In Suomi punk was a big thing and lots of bands had long and fruitful careers with multiple releases in the late 70’s and in suprisingly many cases a long way into the 80’s. The music school kids from Nirvana however only did this 7″ in 1980, then had a long pause before they moved to the US and released a cover of Shocking Blue’s Love Buzz in 1988 which created a buzz (get it?) and made it big in 1991. Musically they didn’t change much although this first release might be a bit too slick compared to their later releases, but the songs are ace despite the somewhat lame early 80’s production with too many keyboard fills and over dubs.

By the way, Ramones on paska!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Country: Finland
Year: 1980
Label: Nirvana Production
Format: 7″
Kielletyt leikit.mp3
Kuljen kaupungilla.mp3


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6 Responses to Nirvana – Kielletyt leikit/Kuljen kaupungilla 7″

  1. kevin says:

    way better than their stuff from the late sixties though ; )

  2. Martin says:

    Is it ok if I post another Finish 7″? I don’t want the comments to take up too much of this site, but you gals won’t stop commenting.

    • Ha ha! I’m bad and commenting on your records. It’s seems people are more comfortable commenting on the Facebook fanpage. That’s cool but would be even cooler if people would take it over here.

      Anyway, the a-side has some nice feedback and great sound. Some parts in the song that drags it down plus it’s a bit too long. But who cares when the b-side is such a classic!

  3. Chano says:

    Not bad. I like the totally amateurish feel on this thing. B side is better, IMO.

  4. John says:

    Really good record! I love the trashy sound quality! I first heard it on a cd-r compilation called \”Nobody wants us\”, which had three volumes. Your rip is way better and i appreciate it immensenly!

  5. Nathan.G says:

    Killer pile of musical sawdust, only bettered by The Widows (Wall Of Berlin) on here methinks.

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