Lullabies – Next One Single Single E.P. 7″

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Lullabies were a bunch of Dutch teen punks who I guess didn’t spend too much time in the rehearal room before they recorded their trash considering the primitive racket they kicked out on this E.P. Their first E.P. was released a year prior to this one and was a close to 30 minutes long 21 songs double 7″ E.P. that’s even a bit more under produced than this one. Apart from 2 own records, the band had a bunch of songs on the Seven-Vijftig comp LP as well as one track on the U-Track LP from 79 and the great Utreg Punx comp 7″.

The band was from the home of drooling record collectors, Utrecht, which is pretty well known for an insane record fair where you can find pretty much every single record on your want list these days. And the fair apart, the city had a very healthy punk scene with bands as the Nixe, the Rapers, Rakketax, Coitus Int, the Ex, Dangerous Pyjamas, Bizon Kids etc. It seems to me like most bands from the town got documented with at least one song on vinyl, for which these guys have a decent responsibility as they were the initial force for the close-knitted local scene.

Country: Holland
Year: 1981
Label: Rock against
Format: 7″
Cops in the street.mp3
Politiek zinj we.mp3
I am junk.mp3
Could be anybody.mp3
Vuile fascisten.mp3
Fashion punx.mp3
Radio aktiviteit.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Lullabies – Next One Single Single E.P. 7″

  1. ian says:

    This is great – sloppy & different, & I’m automatically impressed by a band who released a half hr long ep. Is it me – or does that early Dutch stuff have a unique off-kilter quirk factor that seems missing in other countries/scenes at this time. Arty, offbeat and seemingly always good. The template set by The Ex maybe?

  2. Kount Jizznack says:

    A mighty fine one indeed.

  3. Chano says:

    Now we’re talking!! Excellent sloppy Punk Rock on the edge of HC. I simply like EVERY single song on this with a slight preference for “Flags”. Fuckin’ awesome!! :-)

  4. jan says:

    Maybe you get this mail like 10 times, but then it mens there is something wrong whit the website, but in response to Ian, nope the Ex were a bit later than the Lullabies. Lullabies played a couple of times with orher Utreg punkbands in our littleplace called Kaasee in Rotterdam (or Ratterdamned as we liked to call it). Yep those were the days.

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