Terrorways / Proud Scum- Split 7″

Here’s a Kiwi ripper for all you boys and girls, and maybe this and Peter’s recent post of Metal Urbain might be the restart of this site again as we’ve been less than frequent with updates the last year(s?). At least I know that I have a few 7inches ripped and ready to go. I know jackshit about these two bands and it wasn’t until today that I realized that Suicide 2 is a monster of a tune, just like Short-haired rock and roll. I’ve been too occupied with spinning the simple rock n’ roll of Terrorways to see that the flip might actually be even better. Perhaps not as direct, but damn that’s some strong song writing, and after playing it 5 times in a row now it carved it’s way into my brain.

Country: New Zealand
Year: 1980
Label: Ripper
Format: 7″
Terrorways – Short-haired rock and roll.mp3
Proud Scum – Suicide 2.mp3

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2 Responses to Terrorways / Proud Scum- Split 7″

  1. 0101001x_x says:

    Fucking Rock’n’Roll!!!!

  2. Jon B. says:

    Both band each had a pair of songs on the essential AK79 comp, released in NZ in… 1979. A later CD reissue of the comp included a host of bonus tracks including the two you present here.

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