Vulpess – Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra / Inkisición 7″

Nothing but a Spanish classic here I’d say. I assume more or less everyone knows this one by heart, but as I’m trying to teach my man, and America’s number one powerpop fan, Tims DeJong a little about punk rock I choose to post it so he can hear that punk rock can be just as great as his beloved powerpop.

This one is for you Tims (and if the a-side sounds a bit familiar it’s because it’s a cover by the proto-punk band the Stooges). 

Country: Spain
Year: 1983
Label: Dos Rombos Discos
Format: 7″
Me gusta ser una zorra.mp3

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2 Responses to Vulpess – Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra / Inkisición 7″

  1. Tims aka Dewey Decimal says:


  2. Thomas says:

    Spanish all female Punk band from the city of Barakaldo of Bilbao’s metropolitan area (Greater Bilbao). Notorious for their performance at the TV show ‘Caja de Ritmos’ in 1983 , which caused media attention because of their version of the Stooges classic ‘I wanna be your dog’ with new harsh ‘feminist’ lyrics en Espanol – re-named in ‘Me gusta ser una zorra’ – which can not translated 100% in English, it has the sense of ‘I like it to be a female horse in heat’. Have a view of their public perfomance on TV here :
    A few copies came with a sticker, too.
    At there is a statement about the number of records pressed – 12000 copies, which I can’t believe, because the record is very rare and expensive even in Spain!

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