The Sleepers – Angel In A Raincoat E.P. 7″

Here’s a 7″ that kept haunting me for quite some time before I finally got it in a trade with my good friend Laszlo. Before that I won a copy on ebay that got lost in the mail, bought  a copy on discogs where the seller changed his mind and cancelled the order, a friend found it at Utrecht that I thought was too expencive as well as I got outbid a few times. Probably took 5 years from the first time I heard it til I landed it all in all. And the title track is still one of the greatest pop-punk/ melodic punk/ powerpop moments that never got the attention it deserved when it was released. The other 3 songs are super solid pop blasts as well.
500 copies in total and increasing in price all the time, but thankfully Queen Mum did a reissue of it in a nice sleeve with a little info etc earlier this year.

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: BAT
Format: 7″
Angel in a raincoat.mp3
A murder.mp3

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  1. John S. says:

    Congrats on fulfilling your quest. You’re right. That first track is pretty fab!

  2. Stephen (AI) says:

    Holy hell. “Angel in a Raincoat” is top — and should have been Top of the Pops. Instead it was completely lost in the flood of great DIY releases burbling up month after glorious month. How can I have never heard this before? I love that I will never get to the bottom of the rich resultant alluvial plain.

    Thank you, Martin!

    By the way, this is incorrectly posted in “1977.”

    • Martin says:

      Thanks for the comment Stephen, it really should’ve been a massive hit! It says 1980 in the post now, right? I guess Peter fixed it for me.

  3. Ady Corbally says:

    Grimsby’s finest,they went all new romantic and hit the eyeliner, no accounting for taste eh ??. Thanks for all the music over the years alway’s something interesting keep it up cos it is appreciated. Have you ever listened to Punkfm it only plays sounds from 76-80ish it is great please give it a listen Cheers ADY

  4. John Lofthouse says:

    Thanks for the great review, glad you liked the record.
    We are playing in Berlin soon, its been a busy year since the QM re-release :)

    Also great listening to the cover by “The not amused”
    john (The Sleepers)

  5. Thomas says:

    Queen Mum Records ( from Berlin/Germany did an official reissue of this Powerpop gem – this time with a regular picture sleeve and in four different vinyl colours.
    You can check out all versions of this 7″ep now here:

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