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Usch – Hatlaten/Ensam & radd/Roda Rummet E.P. 7″

The second Usch E.P. was released on the tounge friendly label Irmgardzeimalnebendrittenschissenplattenbrechtenihrendinger, which just happens to be one of my all time favourite names on a  label. Always nice to drop by your local record dealer and ask if they … Continue reading

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Usch – S/T 7″

Here’s a classic slab of Swedish punk that’ll make you pogo in front of the computer. Sloppy, weak and totally brilliant! This was Usch’s first 7″ out of three and it’s their punkiest and best in my opinion. Just listen … Continue reading

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P.F. Commando – Manipulerade Mongon L.P. 12″

A long time ago since this one found it’s way to the posting queue and I have a vague memory of ripping it years ago but wasn’t satisfied with the rips. These days I’m not so picky, so here you … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

OK, this will be the last post from me, TVEYE // Drummer, because I can´t find the time to keep on posting on this blog (as you noticed), and Peter is doing a great job so I guess you won´t … Continue reading

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