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The Primitive Calculators – I Can’t Stop It 7″

Not only did the Kangaroo people release some of the greatest punk records known to man. They had some incredible synth punk bands too like SPK and here the debut from The Primitive Calculators. I’m a newcomer when it comes … Continue reading

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Controllers – Slow Boy E.P. 7″

Really need to keep this site going but got so much else to do right now so bare with me that the accompanied text may be worse than usual. If that’s possible. Controllers second output. They appeared on the legendary(?) … Continue reading

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999 – Homicide/Feelin’ Alright With The Crew 7″

The ultimate KBD band finally gets a post. Well as you know we post rare sleeve variations of the well knowns. While listening now I do understand if people find this kind of lame and shouldn’t be regarded as punk. … Continue reading

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Heart Attack – Keep Your Distance E.P. 12″

If you’re not familiar with this records do yourself a favor and spin English Cunts first. One of the greatest hardcore songs ever put onto vinyl in my opinion. And if blast beats, as noted by Erich/Good Bad Music whom … Continue reading

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Xpress – Junked-Up Judy 7″

I really want to post more often. But you know I always feels obliged to write something to add a bit extra fluff to the post. I know I know I don’t add anything with my loosy writing but still… … Continue reading

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