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The Meanies – Waiting for you 7″

For unknown reasons I don’t think Peter likes this one, which is totally wrong as it’s one of the greatest UK punk/ power poppers ever done. Both sides are smoking hot and oozing with sexuality despite the looks of the … Continue reading

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Rondos / Railbirds – Split E.P. 7″

Time for a smasher that’s been in the waiting room for way too long; the debut from both Rondos and The Railbirds. With a sleeve like this you can’t expect too little, right? And both bands deliver way above your … Continue reading

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V/A – Forhadt Ungdom 7″ E.P.

I don’t post much hardcore, and especially not UK influenced, but I do an exception for this one as I really like Flere Dode Pansere (Multiple Dead Cops). I sort of wonder if they were aware of MDC when they … Continue reading

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Karanteeni – Sid Vicious 7″

First 7″  from Karanteeni had a Sex Pistols cover while this one, their second, had a song about that band’s second bass player. Their third 7″ had a Sham 69 cover. Now let’s see if the comment section will be longer … Continue reading

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Nirvana – Kielletyt leikit/Kuljen kaupungilla 7″

In Suomi punk was a big thing and lots of bands had long and fruitful careers with multiple releases in the late 70’s and in suprisingly many cases a long way into the 80’s. The music school kids from Nirvana … Continue reading

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