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Ice & The Iced – S/T E.P. 7″

As summer vacation is getting closer I’m starting to plan where to go, and southern Europe is always a nice option for us in the cold freezing north. Been at least 20 years since I was in Italy last time, … Continue reading

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The Perfectors – YT502951D 7″

Remember when Peter did all those “You’ve searched all day for the perfect punk/ power pop song, and here it is” series a few months ago? Well, here’s another one of those! YT502951D is one of the greatest punk songs … Continue reading

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Hand Grenades – Demo To London/Coma Dos 7″

It’s usually Peter’s job to post US records, but as these New Yorkians sounded like they were from York I got to post it. I have to say I prefer the b-side with it’s amazingly crappy bass sound, but the … Continue reading

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Low Profyle – Hangin’ Around/Substitute 7″

Finally a cover band posted here! And finally a cover band that makes both the Stranglers’ and the Who’s classic songs sound fey! And finally a cover band made up by service men from the Royal Air Force! Dizzy’s got … Continue reading

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The Dishrags – S/T E.P. 7″

Brilliant first EP from one of the countries north of Mexico. Posted elsewhere with info. If you like it it’s cheap and easy to find. I like short posts & cut off corners on punk records rules! Country: Canada Year: … Continue reading

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