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Technycolor – S/T 7″

A total KILLER that I first downloaded while having an Erichtion, but it took me years to figure out where I downloaded it from til I stumbled upon it again over at Erich’s excellent site, and figured out it was … Continue reading

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The Last Lads – Rochatell 7″

If you do a search for early Swedish Oi!, or early Swedish skins this band will pop up. A bit surprinsingly as there’s nothing Oi!ish about them, and even if some of the members looks a bit like they could … Continue reading

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Feber – S/T E.P. 7″

Here’s a some what overlooked Norweigan classic, or at least no one bothered to tell me about it until a few years ago. Don’t know why as it’s really good and the band is sloppy in a very nice way. In … Continue reading

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The Scabs – S/T E.P. 7″

I’ve had such a hard time to come up with something to write about this one, just as I had with Anders Ångest. It’s really hard to put words to such greatness without using the usual killer and filler words, … Continue reading

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Anarchy – City surfer/3-3-3 7″

I’m sorry for writing the band name and song titles in English, but I don’t know any Japanese. The band name is supposed to look like this I suppose; アナーキー if anyone wants to search info about them. All I know … Continue reading

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