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The Spelling Missteaks – Popstar 7″ E.P.

Magnificent moments of 100% brilliancy/ idiocy in vocal performances; 1. 2-3 seconds into the intro of The Homosexuals’ Soft South Africans when the singer says “Diggi diggi diggi digg” and the bass replies by playing the same thing. 2. The way … Continue reading

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Pankrti – Lepi In Prazni 7″

Lublana is shit(?) I’m not sure that’s exactly what it means, but the Slovenians in Pankrti didn’t exactly think too much about the city, but then hate and boredom are the two things that makes the best inspiration for great … Continue reading

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Girl Guided Missiles – Desperate Men 7″

Another UK 7″ you say? Yes of course I’d say, and this time it’s one that I think is new to a lot of people concidering it’s really hard to track down, never been comped and it’s not on youtube … Continue reading

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The Ignerents – Radio Interference 7″

A nice little 7″ recorded in 1979, but released in 1980 that me a Peter had a short, but passive-aggressive fight over as we both wanted to post it. Guess who won! The a-side is a bit too much boogie rock … Continue reading

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Lullabies – Next One Single Single E.P. 7″

Lullabies were a bunch of Dutch teen punks who I guess didn’t spend too much time in the rehearal room before they recorded their trash considering the primitive racket they kicked out on this E.P. Their first E.P. was released … Continue reading

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