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999 – Homicide/Feelin’ Alright With The Crew 7″

The ultimate KBD band finally gets a post. Well as you know we post rare sleeve variations of the well knowns. While listening now I do understand if people find this kind of lame and shouldn’t be regarded as punk. … Continue reading

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The Urinals – S/T E.P. 7″

Minimalistic kindergarten punk. I do understand if people hate this. And why I love it I can’t really tell. It just clicks. Maybe cause I feel that everythings is possible while spinning Urinals, and especially this debut though what came … Continue reading

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Sydkraft – Surfway 7″

OK, I’m not completely done with posting records from around the world, but as my ripping equipment decided to commit suicide while ripping the last record in the series, and I have had this one ripped and waiting in line … Continue reading

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Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown E.P. 7″

  Black Flag have finally reformed and released an AWESOME come back album. The art work for the sleeve puts Raymond Pettiboon to shame. The title is aptly named “What the…” that’s exactly what I thought when spinning it for … Continue reading

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Ebba Gron – S/T 7″

  I haven’t checked what I wrote about Ebba the last time so I guess I’ll repeating myself. I don’t think I heard about the first press of their first 7″ that they released themself until 2001 or something. I … Continue reading

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