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57 Kez – Punks E.P. 7″

Here’s a crude 7″ that makes some punk collectors drool and rewrite their want list. Speaking for myself as a collector of Swedish punk in general it’s never been too high up on my want list as I don’t find … Continue reading

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Richard And The Taxmen – Now We’re Through/Honey Please Don’t Go 7″

Anyone here who’d fancy some commersial, well produced and cheesy power pop? I might add that it’s a total killer as well. Now we’re through should’ve been a huge hit for these guys, but I guess it dropped like a … Continue reading

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Sjolmord – Holocaust/Supertankerne Kommer!!! 7″

One of my favorite norwegian releases besides the Kjott EP 12″. Holocaust sound somewhat like Californian  punk maybe because of the surf sound on the guitars. Moody, dark and hooky. And does he sing in german all the way? Can’t … Continue reading

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Beyond The Implode – 11th Hour Breakdown E.P. 7″

A rather new discovery for me. I fell in love immediately. Stumbled upon a copy and nabbed it. And here it is for you to enjoy though I doubt many of you will appreciate it. Gritty amateurish and monotonous post-punk … Continue reading

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Nirvana – Kielletyt leikit/Kuljen kaupungilla 7″

In Suomi punk was a big thing and lots of bands had long and fruitful careers with multiple releases in the late 70’s and in suprisingly many cases a long way into the 80’s. The music school kids from Nirvana … Continue reading

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