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Xpress – Junked-Up Judy 7″

I really want to post more often. But you know I always feels obliged to write something to add a bit extra fluff to the post. I know I know I don’t add anything with my loosy writing but still… … Continue reading

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The Innocent Vicars – Antimatter 7″

  Thank you all for the support! So sorry to say the site won’t be shut down, for awhile at least. Born in 1965 Richard Norris where 15 years old when recording Antimatter. A master piece. The synths on it … Continue reading

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Anarchy – City surfer/3-3-3 7″

I’m sorry for writing the band name and song titles in English, but I don’t know any Japanese. The band name is supposed to look like this I suppose; アナーキー if anyone wants to search info about them. All I know … Continue reading

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Gordons – Future Shock E.P. 7″

In theory I shouldn’t like this. I mean Future Shock is almost 5 minutes long and not much happens in the song. But fuck, when the bass starts out with a super raw sound and some trumpet thrown in here … Continue reading

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Pekinska Patka – Bolje Da Nosim Kratku Kosu/Ori Ori 7″

  Pekinska Patka may be the most obvious choice for a post of a former Yugoslavian band, so I go for them. Their importance and song writing ability is well known so I don’t have to spend my precious time … Continue reading

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