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Feber – S/T E.P. 7″

Here’s a some what overlooked Norweigan classic, or at least no one bothered to tell me about it until a few years ago. Don’t know why as it’s really good and the band is sloppy in a very nice way. In … Continue reading

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Bad Religion – S/T E.P. 7″

It’s funny to hear that they’ve almost had their style complete on this debut. Ups! I got bored writing this post but felt I needed to post something. Listen to the music. It’s great. Country: USA Year: 1981 Label: Epitaph … Continue reading

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Blam Blam Blam – There Is No Depression In New Zealand 7″

This is the 8th post with a band from New Zealand. New Zealand is still a bit of an unknown territory for me. But just like with bands from Australia from the same period I tend to dig all of … Continue reading

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Spiny Norman’s Mind Games – Sorry About That Chief!/Don’t Take The Car (You’ll Kill Yourself) 7″

Not only is it rare as hell. It happens to be just fantastic too. A straight forward punk ripper on the a-side and great synth punk weirdness on the flip. As if that wasn’t enough the brothers looks amazing and … Continue reading

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The Spys – If I/I Spy 7″

I love If I. Love love love. It has all the right element to make all the true punx scream “this is not punk it’s new wave” what can I say? You don’t know a thing you little fuckers. It’s … Continue reading

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