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Ronnie And The Rayguns – Nancy’s China 7″

Apparently Nancy Reagan were “…criticized early in his first term largely due to her decision to replace the White House china, despite its being paid for by private donations.”. So why not write a song about it? And what a … Continue reading

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Waste – History Repeats E.P. 7″

2015. Signs all over Europe makes me think of the title of the first track. Politics aside this is a new discovery to me thanks to Niels/Gepopel. Reminds in many ways of another dutch band: Brommers. And just as Brommers, … Continue reading

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Roach Motel – Roach And Roll E.P. 7″

Maybe you’re old enough to have read George Tabbs columns in MRR? He did some of the best columns in my opinion. He also played in Roach Motel and False Prophets among others and still do this day continue to … Continue reading

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The Seize – Everybody Dies E.P. 7″

I think The Seize’s first 7″ Why? is more well known. Right? Anyway this is just as ridiculous great as their debut. Take note of the year: 1982. UK82? Well I think most of the records I’ve heard lumped into … Continue reading

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Misfits – Evilive E.P. 7″

Another Misfits up here. Suprised? Me too. But you can’t deny the incredible catchiness of the early Misfits and to hear them live here with out of tuned guitars, sloppy playing but with killer vocals from Danzig makes me even … Continue reading

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