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The Take – S/T 7″

Finally! Some powerpop. You punkers have been longing for it I know. Here’s The Take. Just such a sizzy new wave band the tuff HC kids wanted to destroy back in the days. But now we can all relax and … Continue reading

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The Outlets – S/T 7″

Rick Barton on guitar here who went on to form one of the worst contemporary “punk” bands around: Dropkick Murphys. Well Bright Lights may come close to the crapiness of DM but since Best Friends is such an outstanding poppunk/powerpop … Continue reading

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Effigies – Body Bag 7″

BODY BAG See what it’s like to be dead Not a thought there to be had I’m just not there to just not care Sane’s equal to mad I live in a body bag Plane just left O’Hare On time … Continue reading

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Oh no, another one of those boring posts!

Facebook ruined the fun in posting records here, so I’ll put up one of those boring links again.

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Happy Cadavers – With Illustrations E.P. 7″

Awkward and quirky punk rock ain’t my thing at all. Here’s an example of what I mean. What the fuck? This ain’t punk rock. Punk rock shall be simple, no frills, three chords and lyrics about war, shooting cops, evil … Continue reading

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