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D.Y.S. – Brotherhood E.P. 12″

1983. USA. Hardcore. Imitated and cloned. Never as good. May be partly, but not intentionally, guilty of all the silly stuff that the bullies/boy scouts/gym people tried to do and call hardcore later on in NY. Thank you. PS Take … Continue reading

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The Boat People – Capitalist 7″

Even though it’s from USA I imagine this is a record even Martin/The Faintest Idea Drummer will like cause of its complete amateurishness and sloppiness. And the drum sound!!! Powerful and awesome tin can sound. I don’t know if the … Continue reading

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Heart Attack – Keep Your Distance E.P. 12″

If you’re not familiar with this records do yourself a favor and spin English Cunts first. One of the greatest hardcore songs ever put onto vinyl in my opinion. And if blast beats, as noted by Erich/Good Bad Music whom … Continue reading

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The Last Lads – Rochatell 7″

If you do a search for early Swedish Oi!, or early Swedish skins this band will pop up. A bit surprinsingly as there’s nothing Oi!ish about them, and even if some of the members looks a bit like they could … Continue reading

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Public Disturbance – S&M E.P. 7″

Never been a fan of their mediocre LP. This EP on the other hand is one of the best records Mutha Records ever released. What an amazing production! Reverb all over the place and badly tuned instruments. The intro to … Continue reading

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