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Rebel Truth – S/T E.P. 7″

Repost: first published 8th of September 2013. Added new rips. It only took took me 7 years to get this classic USHC wax up on the blog. Higly unique and maybe that’s why it’s kind of underrated? I guess it’s … Continue reading

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WYX – Lie Lie Lie/Association 7″

Ann tann tenus, so racka tenus, so racka, ticka, tacka bam bushka (for all the people who actually speak Hungarian, I’m sorry, but I have no idea of how to spell that). What’s up with Hungarian punk bands and 3 … Continue reading

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Los Violadores – S/T L.P. 12″

  Los Violadores was the first punk band in Argentina to be released on vinyl, and they sure did it with a bang when they released this LP in 1983. On the other hand it’s not too surprising that they … Continue reading

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D.R.I. – Dirty Rotten E.P. 7″

Martin aka The Faintest Idea // Drummer is faster than me when it comes to posting. He got one in the queue ready but I wanted to post something first. So why not make it easy for myself and post … Continue reading

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Inocentes – Miséria E Fome E.P. 7″

I can’t help but being totally fascinated with the early Brazilian hardcore scene, as it at a first glance looks like it exploded out of nothing. There’s no “traditional” punk released before 1982 that I’m aware of, but just a … Continue reading

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