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Inocentes – Miséria E Fome E.P. 7″

I can’t help but being totally fascinated with the early Brazilian hardcore scene, as it at a first glance looks like it exploded out of nothing. There’s no “traditional” punk released before 1982 that I’m aware of, but just a … Continue reading

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Dezerter – Ku Przyszłości E.P. 7″

I know that this ain’t rare or obscure, and that everyone’s heard it before, but as this is an around the world trip, it would be unfair to leave Dezerter out just because they are a popular and well known … Continue reading

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Nice Lawn/New Fun Quintet – Split E.P. 7″

When listening to Nice Lawn it strikes me how good a sound you can get from recording on a 4 track porta Tascam. Quiet amazing I must say though I guess the nano second drop outs here and there is … Continue reading

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Peggio Punx – Disastro Sonoro E.P. 7″

OK, let me start by making a few things clear here; I am not a huge fan of Italian hardcore. I do prefer the early punk stuff and would kill for a copy of the Ice and the Iced’s EP … Continue reading

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ISM – I Think I Love You 7″

1983 the magic year for HC. A year when every HC record didn’t sound the same or like a clone of another HC band. ISM where particularly original. Not so much on this awesome 7″ maybe but the LP that followed. It … Continue reading

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