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The Runs – Piss And Shit E.P. 7″

Naming a record Piss And Shit I expected it to be just about that and nothing else. A bit disappointed there but Constipated makes up for it with lines like: “The turd in me has a mind of it’s own. … Continue reading

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Sack O Woes – The Paranoids Are Coming L.P. 12″

I’m not a fan or garage punk. Let’s just make that clear. Most of the bands lumped into that genre sounds the same to me. Boring distorted rock with boring distorted vocals. However I always liked Niels ex-Gepopel(yes one the … Continue reading

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Bundle Of Fags – S/T 7″

Fucking fags why didn’t you include a lyric sheet? Apart from that we have some tight and technical skate punk. Think Propaghandi crossed with early Mahavishnu Orchestra. At a Fag gig: A bunch of metal dorks are standing in the … Continue reading

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