Do NOT send ANY mp3s!! We’re not interested. If you want to get featured send a link where we can hear the stuff that you’ve put out on VINYL(NO CDs or whatever) and we might want you to send a copy for review. DON’T POST ANY LINKS HERE! They will be
removed immediately.

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  1. Cunt says:

    Thought I had heard a lot of punk. DUH! This site has revolutionised my personal soundtrack to life and refreshed my once jaded ears. All you guys deserve an honorary O.B.E! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! 10/10

    • Gixxer77 says:

      About posting Aussie bands dont forget ‘Aggro’-Johnny Dole and The Scabs, yours is one of the best sites about always enjoy a wander listening to the music that i bought at the arse end of the 70’s in a shithole town in Yorkshire and still a big part of my life now, dont stop KBD. A band from my youth are back after 32years playing and writing again check out ‘Stand Accused’ , old punks rock.

  2. dadmagazine says:

    neither of these are my band but both remind me of the kind of stuff I’m finding on here
    one 12″ LP, a slew of tapes, and two 45s have been released via the main singers label

    Slick Lick
    Street Smart (PB&J)

    Animal Alley

  3. chris says:

    Anyone know anything about these dudes? They kill!

  4. Los Santos says:

    Hello. We are Los Santos. We are looking for someone interested in releasing our music. Leave a link to our music. Cheers!

  5. Fanfan says:

    Dear KBDRecords,

    I have a band, we are stuck in the garage of my house, one day we made a recording that recorded in my bedroom. Now we are looking for someone interested in releasing our recording as an EP or whatever.
    Here’s the link to listen to our music:

    Thank you so much.. Cheers!

  6. Satandy Gill says:

    Dear KBD Records,

    I “play” with my mother in a black metal, Gang of Four cover band called Fang of Gore. Will you play with my father while we practice? He’ll pay you enough to bankroll Pusrad’s double LP and our debut single.

  7. Gixxer77 says:

    Hey kbd you got to check out MING CITY ROCKERS new single “I wanna get out of here”, best band in years, imagine Jeffrey Lee Pierce singing with Slaughter + Dogs and how many punk songs do you hear with a harmonica solo.Sleazy,snotty punk ‘n’ roll its fuckin genius, i have been into punk since 77 and they make an old twat like wanna smash shit up, check them out.

  8. Drakula says:

    The Drakula are a Brazilian band
    It’s a 7” inch – “Vilipêndio a Cadáver”!
    If you want I can send the cover

  9. schmuck coyne says:

    hey man i’d like to throw you eight bucks but the paypal thing won’t really take my money- i’m in the states and it wants a uk county for the billing address- any alternate paths? please email

  10. Sean says:

    Have any of you guys heard the Loose Heart 7” yet? Killer French band that recorded three songs back in ’76 but they were never released until this past January on the Danger label. Features members of Strike Up, Angel Face, and Stinky Toys:

  11. Steve says:


    You have a great web site. Unfortunately whenever I attempt to download the files it cuts off prematurely after a few seconds. Any suggestions?



  12. Malk Davis says:

    Hello how do i download these tracks on the site ?

  13. Nico Teen says:

    I have a question, its driving me crazy! I heard an old punk song on KBD today and i can not remember who its by….
    “She really puts out,
    she really puts out,
    take her to a drive in movie.”
    Thanks for any help, i’m addicted to KBD! Brilliant work, i tell anyone who’ll listen how great it is. You all know what i mean.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Did you hear it on one of the KBD compilation LPs? Not sure what you mean when you said you heard it on KBD.

      Glad you dig the blog!

      • Nico Teen says:

        G’day T.F//D.
        I heard it on KBD Radio yesterday, Sunday in Australia. I searched the blog, I searched the net, I asked my mates, I sold my soul to Satin, nothing! I haven’t come across it on any comps though it may be on 1. Either way I will find it if I have to listen to KBD 24/7 until it repeats! Thanks for everyones efforts keeping KBD running!

  14. tonyo becerra says:

    i still looking for the name of a hardcore punk band.
    nobody knows it!!!help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anarkistattak says:

    Do you have THE CIRCLES – CIRCLES single?
    Can’t find a rip anywhere!

  16. Sean says:

    Does anyone know the song playing at the very beginning/intro? It plays at the start of this song, as well as Rock Steady, but I can’t find out anywhere what the song is called or if it even exists. Sounds like Rudolph singing, so it may be a KDF track, or perhaps an unused demo from this album:

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