Babeez – Dowanna Love E.P. 7″


Babeez as most of you may know turned into the News(Chop Chop, That girl etc) so if you dig the News this will please you as well I guess. Just as great as the Chop Chop 7inch. A bit rawer. I love his voice and it makes me stand the slow Nobody Wants Me which I actually think is great. I’m out of here. It’s summer. It’s hot. Dowanna love.

Country: Australia
Year: 1977
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
Dowanna Love.mp3
Nobody Wants Me.mp3

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Goteborg Sound – Rik man, fattig man 7″


Kind of surprised I hadn’t posted this already. Man far inte va’ dum was the first GBG Sound track I heard on Swedish radio in 1978/79 and remains my favorite. I guess it’s cause it brings back sweet memories from the days in front of the radio absorbing the new phenomena. It’s also one of the few GBG Sound tracks that’s a bit more melancholic. Rik man, fattig man is their weakest track I think which doesn’t say much since it’s still great. Take note of the outstanding production, especially on Man far…

Country: Sweden
Year: 1978
Label: GBG
Format: 7″
Rik man, fattig man.mp3
Man far inte va’ dum.mp3

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Act – Ping Pong/Black Dove 7″


Can’t remember how I stumble upon Acts marvelous Ping Pong a couple of months ago but as soon as I heard it I tried to track down a copy of the 7inch. I’ve been obsessed by the song ever since and just proves that I’m a true post punker deep inside. The sound is absolutely great too! I know it’s easier to achieve this if you keep your sound clean. So Ping Pong leaved me curious about the flip. Oh shit! That’s not my cup of diaper at all. Dreadful 80s sound on the drums and a song that just stinks. Oh well Ping Pong makes up for it.

Any french speaking here that can let us none froggers know what they sing about in Ping Pong? Ping Pong? Table tennis?

Country: France
Year: 1983
Label: ACT
Format: 7″
Ping Pong.mp3
Black Dove.mp3

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D.Y.S. – Brotherhood E.P. 12″


1983. USA. Hardcore. Imitated and cloned. Never as good. May be partly, but not intentionally, guilty of all the silly stuff that the bullies/boy scouts/gym people tried to do and call hardcore later on in NY. Thank you.

Take drugs

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Xclaim!
Format: 12″
Open Up.mp3
More Than Fashion.mp3
Circle Storm.mp3
City To City.mp3
Stand Proud.mp3
Insurance Risk.mp3

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Johnny Du Cann – Where’s The Show?/Hang Around 7″


A pretty new discovery for me. Acquired from a person who knew Johnny that told me that he died on the 21st of September 2011 after a heart attack. So let’s pay a tribute to the man that released this awesome 7inch. Where’s… is just totally awesome, if you where trying to find some words to describe it. Catchy as hell. Hang Around is not punk perse but closer to boogie rock. But to me, as an old Slade fan, it’s on the right side of the boogie fence. Great! Johnny played on some demos with Thin Lizzy that I would love to hear since I happen to dig Lizzy too. Enjoy!

Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: Arista
Format: 7″
Where’s The Show?.mp3
Hang Around.mp3

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