The Meanies – Waiting for you 7″


For unknown reasons I don’t think Peter likes this one, which is totally wrong as it’s one of the greatest UK punk/ power poppers ever done. Both sides are smoking hot and oozing with sexuality despite the looks of the members. A-side is sort of slow and perfect for slow dancing with your baby, while the b-side is a bit faster and fits perfect for a nice shake with your favorite bad boy.

Top 3 on my list over the best UK punk & power pop 7inches from the 70’s!

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Vendetta
Format: 7″
Waiting for you.mp3
It’s true.mp3

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International Q – What I Got E.P. 7″

Repost: first published 27th of April 2006. Added new rips, scans and To Be A Boy.

Guy Robert Archambue aka Rob Noxious(lewdsnot and zoloft_anaconda) you still owe me a sleeve for this one too! Once again I had to borrow the sleeve from Henry Welds American Punk Discography. Need an original sleeve or a 150dpi scan. Ok they where from Connecticut and they also released a 12inch. “Small Talk” has the best lyric ever made by a punk band(including Crass and Arabens Anus). “What I Got” is a killer pop punk number that could’ve been a little bit shorter. It should’ve ended exactly at 2:13 so if you have an editor just cut the song from there and delete the end.
Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Queue Music
Format: 7″
What I Got.mp3
To Be A Boy.mp3
Small Talk.mp3

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Sjolmord – Holocaust/Supertankerne Kommer!!! 7″


One of my favorite norwegian releases besides the Kjott EP 12″. Holocaust sound somewhat like Californian  punk maybe because of the surf sound on the guitars. Moody, dark and hooky. And does he sing in german all the way? Can’t tell. Great great song anyway. The b-side isn’t in par with Holocaust still good but not great. Sounds somewhat more like danish punk to me. Maybe it’s the norwegian dialect from the middle parts of Norway that’s a bit more harsh than the south?

Country: Norway
Year: 1980
Label: Plateselskapet Mai
Format: 7″
Supertankerne kommer!!!.mp3

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Rondos / Railbirds – Split E.P. 7″


Time for a smasher that’s been in the waiting room for way too long; the debut from both Rondos and The Railbirds. With a sleeve like this you can’t expect too little, right? And both bands deliver way above your average Dutch punk band. And that indicates a very high standard for sure as that country was boiling with great bands in the early punk years.
Rondos starts out with the a cute titled song; King Kong’s Penis and it’s a lo-fi master piece, just like the title tells you. Next up is one(/two) of my favourite songs of all time, Wanna Go Home/ Gigolo. Two songs put together in sweet harmony! They end with the frightening Russians Are Coming that sounds like it could’ve been recorded in southern Sweden. Why? Impossible for me to explain.

Flip the record over and you have the magnificent and high energy Railbirds who are bordering into hardcore territory on Lonely, just because they can! I think I’m in love with their drummer by the way. The intro to I’m So Proud grabs my attention everytime, even if the song is a bit too standard r n’ r for my taste in general. Lockheed might sound a bit too slow, but the gritty guitar sound and the pissed of sneering makes up for the loss of speed.

One of the coolest sleeves ever, and the lyrics are written with a beautiful touch from someone with a talent for hand writing.

Country: Holland
Year: 1979
Label: King Kong
Format: 7″
Rondos – King Kong’s penis.mp3
Rondos – Wanna go home/ Hey gigolo.mp3
Rondos – Russians are coming.mp3
Railbirds – Lonely.mp3
Railbirds – I’m so proud.mp3
Railbirds – Lockheed.mp3

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Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop/Havana Affair 7″


A gentleman over at the KBD Facebook fan page asked if Ramones is a swedish band. He never heard of them. So here’s a real KBD obscurity. The band was actually invented by the swedish clothing chain H&M in 1974. A couple of years ago they decided to make the Ramones a bit more known and started selling t-shirts that has become immensely popular. Who’ve guessed one of the most obscure bands in punk rock would get this kind of recognition?

This is the Ramones first 7inch and I think it’s the rather rare Indian sleeve variation.

Country: USA
Year: 1976
Label: Philips
Format: 7″
Blitzkrieg Bop.mp3
Havana Affair.mp3

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