Saigon – S/T E.P. 7″


I think I heard Saigon for the first time a couple of years ago. And it seems I wasn’t alone in being late on this one. A lot of collectors have been obsessed with tracking down a copy. I acquired my copy from a long time LA scenester named Paul Hamilton who unfortunately needed money to be able to cope with medical issues. Paul have told me some stories about his friendship with Walter Lure of Heartbreakers and what not. A really really nice fellow. I wish I could pay him back in some way and wanted to put a Paypal donation link up together with this post so people could chime in some money for his medical bills. I think Paul was a bit too modest for that or he didn’t understand what I meant. Anyway thanks a lot Paul for bringing this awesome piece of Californian punk rock into my home.

The over the top track is Annihilation but the other tracks is hard to beat. Just an incredible record from start to finish.

From an eBay auction:
“Two members of the band, the drummer Adam “Bomb” Maples, and bassist Eddie Wayne, went on to play  in the renowned punk bank Legal Weapon. Adam Maples was later selected to play drums for Guns & Roses, who, unfortunately for Adam, soon disbanded.”

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: WW III
Format: 7″
Life Is So Fun.mp3
Anti Vogue.mp3


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The Bodysnatchers – S/T 7″


May not be the best Aussie punk 7inch but still quiet amusing in it’s amateurishness. I post it mostly cause I feel that I really need to have as many of the 70’s Aussie punk records up here on the blog. Enjoy!

Country: Australia
Year: 1979
Label: Savage Music
Format: 7″

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X-Pulsion/Streets – Split E.P. 7″

A great split E.P. on the equally great Romantik label. X-pulsion is great chaotic punk with super snotty vocals (I love the nasal back-up vocals on Heaven only knows) and the last song; Castration is a great short outburst of proto hardcore, while Streets do punky reggae, but I still think it’s pretty cool done as I don’t mind some of that from time to time. Listen carefully to the drumsound on the X-pulsion tracks as it’s played and produced with chaotic perfection, just as Mad Virgins and Cell 609.

I don’t really have to write anything more, but as I’m a nice guy I add some trivia. The song Police Control might sound a bit familiar as it’s the same song, or at least the same lyrics as the Contingent song. Why you ask? Well, there’s a link between Streets, Contingent and Chainsaw and that link is Bob Seyton who were in all 3 bands. And then there’s a link between Chainsaw and X-Pulsion as well as Jerry WX were in both bands for a short while.

Here’s a little video clip as well, so enjoy!

Country: Belgium
Year: 1978
Label: Romantik
Format: 7″
X-pulsion – Heaven only knows.mp3
X-pulsion – Schmucks/Castration.mp3
Streets – Police control.mp3

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Sick Pleasure – S/T E.P. 7″


You probably know that Sick Pleasure became Code Of Honor. Before SP Dave/Bass where in the mysterious X-Iles that released a 7inch posted a long time ago. CoH members went on to Verbal Abuse where they teamed up with the singer from SP once again. Why I just wrote this I don’t know since you can just check the family tree insert attached. But at least I managed to make this text a bit longer than usually. Anyway this a fantastic piece of american punk rock and hardcore from start to finish. And still underrated I think.

Here’s a killer video that I can watch over and over again:

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Subterranean
Format: 7″
Speed Rules.mp3
I Wanna Burn My Parents.mp3
Love Song.mp3
Try To Break Me.mp3
Time To Change.mp3

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Flackoff – The Flackoff 7″ E.P.


If you ask med to make a list over my top 2, or 5 or 10 or 100 UK punk 7inches, this one is always number one. As Tina Turner almost sang, It’s simply the best!
And if you ask me which record I’ve spent most time ever in tracking down, this one will most likely always be number one. Close to 15 years to track down this one, including help from the band members who posted Wanted ads on their personal facebook pages.

It’s not hyper rare or wanted by millions of punks all over the world. It’s not insanely expencive and I don’t even think it’s a super small pressing, but before I found my copy, it just didn’t turn up anywhere. Since then I’ve seen a few more copies for sale and realized that there might be some misunderstandings about the band name, where some people divide the name into two words, Flack Off, and some as one word. I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be one word as that’s what their official website says as well. Never mind the band name, it took me close to 15 years before I actually got hold of a copy of my own. So, the years of searching might be a part of why I hold this one so dear. There are shit loads of records that I love, but this is one of the very few ones I’ve been completely obssesed  with. And at least I think it’s a perfect record to be obsessed by. All 3 tracks are absolute top notch, and yes, so is the a-side Cocktails at six even if it’s over 4 minutes, has lots of slower parts, guitar picking and a weird hard rock influenced guitar break.

If you don’t get the greatness of this EP you just ain’t worthy!


Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Sofa
Format: 7″
Cocktails at six.mp3
Montague Jack Farmer.mp3
The king is dead.mp3

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