Terminal Spectators! – Another Day, Another Dream/Reach For The Sky 7″



This is the lone release from Terminal Spectators!, and Another day, another dream is a MAJOR pop hit, while Reach for the sky is a waste of time. As stated this is the only release from this band as they were pretty much out of fashion when they released this in 1982, and I don’t know jackshit about them. At least they don’t sound like the Exploited, which is a good thing.

I guess this copy was sent out as a promo as the guitarist Andrew wrote his contact info on the front, but I really wish it would’ve been the bass players Carl’s address instead as I’d love to get some hair styling tips from him.

Country: UK
Year: 1982
Label: Chariot
Format: 7″
Another day, another dream.mp3
Reach for the sky.mp3

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The Commited – Crash Victim E.P. 7″

These lads thought the commited was a good name for a band, but when it was time to record it turned out not all members were so commited as the bass player just left the band before they hit the studio giving the new member no time to learn the songs, so instead of playing a four stinged guitar he added backing vocals. And the lead guitarist didn’t want to take a day off from work, so he never showed up. Good thing the end result turned out great anyway, but too bad the band didn’t have enough money for a sleeve.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Ace
Format: 7″
Crash victim.mp3
British crimes.mp3
Fast lane.mp3

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The Pain – Feel The Pain E.P. 7″

the_pain_frontthe _pain_back
A Swedish classic I guess as the Pain were a pretty early, as well as a popular band in Sweden and especially in Stockholm. The did their shopping in London and looked more punk than most other Swedish bands from this period of time in their leather pants, which makes me wonder why they choose a flowery wall paper as background on this 7″. Maybe they wanted to show that they were tough punks with soft hearts who liked flowers?

The band released another 7″ called “Next time ego” before they broke up, but in 82, a year after they broke up, came their best release as a cassingle called “Ambulance/ Churchyard” released by the RIP cassettes, which I’ve always thought was the same label as RIP records (P-nissarna, Warheads & Branda Barn). Looking at the tape now I just got a feeling that it’s acually not the same label after all. Anyone who knows?

I’v e got a feeling that Tony the punk business manager  loves this band in all their sleazyness, so Tony, this one’s for you, but please post something dude!

Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: Kaos
Format: 7″
Body Snatchers.mp3
Man in the front.mp3
Steppin’ stone.mp3

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Ice & The Iced – S/T E.P. 7″


As summer vacation is getting closer I’m starting to plan where to go, and southern Europe is always a nice option for us in the cold freezing north. Been at least 20 years since I was in Italy last time, so maybe that’s an option. Might be Cyprus as well as it’s a cheaper option which means I can buy more records instead! Anyone knows of any nice ultra marathons in Cyprus during the summer as I can’t spend all my time there at the beach flexing the days away.

This is one of my favorite records by the way (and I know it’s not exactly the first time I say that), and I like it even more as Peter don’t like it! We’re like yin and yang when it comes to punk taste, and my taste is superior of course! Two longer songs that are really, really great, and two really short ones that are just as great! I’d say this ep got the whole package from the killer guitar sound, to hooky songs, inaudible vocals (if anyone can figure out what the singer says after 2.06 in We’ve had enough I’d be very grateful. Is he accusing his teacher of sexual assault?

There’s a deluxe package of this 7″ that came in a box with a zine, poster and a few extras, but it seems to be close to impossble to find the whole shebang, and so far I’ve only seen photos of it. It does looks brilliant though. And just as brilliant looks the jacket of the guy in the middle with all those pins! Must’ve been a massive thing to wear! The guy to the left of these Ramones looking guys ain’t too far behind, but his collection is still really modest compares the the middle guy.

Something that still makes me amused apart from the incredible gritty and fuzzy guitar sound are the titles on the a-side, is Rock ‘pn’ roll a spelling mistake and is Polyschizophrenya actually Italian? It looks so made up and misspelled. Chano, you should know about this, and might hear what they actually sing about as well…?

Country: Italy
Year: 1981
Label: Hideaway Music
Format: 7″
Rock ‘pn’ roll.mp3
We’ve had enough.mp3

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The Perfectors – YT502951D 7″


Remember when Peter did all those “You’ve searched all day for the perfect punk/ power pop song, and here it is” series a few months ago? Well, here’s another one of those! YT502951D is one of the greatest punk songs ever written! The bass riff is razor sharp, tight as a fleas anus, fast & super catchy, the drummer makes no mistake what so ever, insanely steady and not a single hit too much or too little, the guitar got a perfect tone and great attack, the solo is really short and simple and the singer should have gone way further! And then the song has every single ingredients you need to make a massive hit! It’s catchy, fast, short and has a message everyone can relate to! We’re all just numbers, right? To me it’s a total mystery why this one didn’t become a hit, but from what I’ve read about the band and this record, the semi-major label Active are the ones to blame.
Tiny radios may seem a little bit too soft compared to the a-side, but it’s actually a really great track as well if you just give it a chance.

1000 copies pressed, but very seldom turns up in picture sleeve, instead it seems like most copies came in a promo/ company sleeve. This however indicates that the company did their fair share of promotion, but maybe the label sent out so many promos that there were no records left for the shops… What the fuck do I know? Comped on Bored Teenagers vol 3 together with two demo tracks and Every One A Classic!!! vol 2 as well as reissued on 1977 records, who also released a 4-track EP of previously unreleased songs.

And Chano, if you don’t like this one, I have no idea of what you’ll like;)

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Active
Format: 7″
Tiny radios.mp3

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