Pete Newnham – Rudi / Outside my window 7″

Fucking perfection on this lone solo release from mr Newnham and it’s among my absolute favourite releases from the summer of hate. Two versions exists, one promo and one standard, I think one of them might be slightly rarer than the other one. Neither one of them was released in a picture sleeve.
There’s a full story bout this release over at Bored Teenagers, so go there and read it and then pick up Dizzys latest release in the series of the same name as the website.

Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: B&C
Format: 7″
Outside my window.mp3

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Vulpess – Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra / Inkisición 7″

Nothing but a Spanish classic here I’d say. I assume more or less everyone knows this one by heart, but as I’m trying to teach my man, and America’s number one powerpop fan, Tims DeJong a little about punk rock I choose to post it so he can hear that punk rock can be just as great as his beloved powerpop.

This one is for you Tims (and if the a-side sounds a bit familiar it’s because it’s a cover by the proto-punk band the Stooges). 

Country: Spain
Year: 1983
Label: Dos Rombos Discos
Format: 7″
Me gusta ser una zorra.mp3

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UXB – Crazy Today / Mr. Fixit 7″

I got a feeling that Peter doesn’t like this one, but we’ve never talked about it so I might be wrong. No matter what I like it a lot! Great melodic punk with the entire band pushing the songs forward in a confident way. And a great guitar tone as well, dry and thick in the vein of the better sounding USHC acts. The flip, Mr. Fixit, reminds me an ever so little bit of the Suicide Commandos LP for some reason. Both songs are equally great in my opinion and I don’t know why this one ain’t more talked about.

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Crazy Plane
Format: 7″
Crazy today.mp3
Mr. Fixit.mp3

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Television Personalities – 14th Floor / Oxford St., W.1 7″

The punks who don’t ackknowledge the importance of TVP don’t know what this damn punk business is all about in my book. And a follow up post to the mighty Urinals can only be done by a band as important and inspiring as them. This is their debut and I wish I could afford to get all the sleeve variations of it.

Both songs are 110% top notch in case someone didnd’t know that. 
Year: 1978
Label: Not on label
Format: 7″
14th floor.mp3
Oxford st., W.1.mp3

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Urinals – Sex 7″


How surprised I was when I found this in the posting queue. It’s been lingering for like 5 years. You know the Urinals. If not you should. Classic punk rock out of Cali/USA. Yeah people scream art punk too. I get that. Anyway both tracks are great and I wonder what’s on that little super 8mm strip taped on side A.

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Happy Squid
Format: 7″
Go Away Girl.mp3

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