Metal Urbain – Panik 7″


Punk+synth=perfect combo. Bon appetit.

Country: France
Year: 1977
Label: Cobra
Format: 7″
Lady Coca Cola.mp3

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The Queers – S/T E.P. 7″


5000 dollars worth of music for your listening pleasure.

Country: USA
Year: 1984
Label: Doheny
Format: 7″
Kicked Out Of The Webelos.mp3
Tulu Is A Wimp.mp3
At The Mall.mp3
I Spent The Rent.mp3
I Don´t Wanna Work.mp3
I´m Useless.mp3
This Place Sucks.mp3

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The City Limits – Morse-Code Messages 7″ E.P.

I sometimes wonder what records that never came in picture sleeves would look like it if the band/ label would’ve done a sleeve. Like for this one. What kind of sleeve would they’ve done? And would it be good enough to represent how good this EP is? I doubt it, but who knows.
Wonder how many sleeves were done, but never used as the band or label couldn’t afford to print them?

Anyway, this was the Hull based City Limits lone release on vinyl, as their second 7″ never made it further than a promo tape up until somewhat recent when Queen Mum Records released a comp of these two releases plus some demo and live recordings. The great My life’s a jigsaw site wrote an informative piece on the band, so make sure to check that out. All I can say is that Morse-code messages is one essential piece of superb powerpop/ punk and you have to be sort of dumb to not get the greatness of it. That’s the truth and NOT ALTERNATIVE FACTS! The two tracks on the b-side are almost as good as the title track, just in case you can’t figure that out on your own.
Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Luggage Label
Format: 7″
Morse-code message.mp3
If I had the time.mp3
I just can’t say goodbye.mp3

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The Escorts – Bingo / Never On Time 7″

It’s been a while since last time I said that “this is one of my all time favourite UK punk records” and as I assume you’ve all missed that, here you go; This is one of my all time favourite UK punk records! Bingo is a totally phenomenal track. It got all the right ingrediences, catchiness, memorable and witty lyrics, stiff chops, talked lyrics, drum rolls and that perfect UK DIY sound that was on so many cheap and self produced platters up til UKHC started showing it’s ugly face.

A copy of this was up on discogs last week, anyone who’s reading this who snatched it?

B-side is not great by the way.

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Rainbow Sound
Format: 7″
Never on time.mp3

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Dogs – Charlie Was A Good Boy 7″ E.P.

Rock n’ roll punk/ garage rock ain’t always my cup of tea, but these dogs got shitload of bite, attitude and last, but not least, one of the toughest guitar tones ever! So piercing and aggressive it feels like they give me tinnitus right away! The intro to 19! Aaaaaargh! Makes me wanna jump around and scream FUCK YOU to everyone and everything while playing air guitar like a moron from an 80’s hard rock disco! And the beauty of Charlie was a good boy! Slow but full on rocking out in the best way possible.

And the guys looked fucking tough as well. Like a bunch of beatniks mixed with punk and rockabilly. One of the records I actually like to play on LOUD volume!

Fixed the link for 19, so now it should work. Thanks fot the heads up guys. 

Year: 1977
Label: Melodies Massacre
Format: 7″
No way.mp3
Charlie was a good boy.mp3

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