Dangerous Rhythm – S/T 12″ E.P


Been a long time since we posted anything here, but I think it’s about to change now. I got at least a few posts more or less done, and over 1000000 records waiting in line to be ripped, scanned and posted. Here’s one that I’m sure you’ve all heard before as it’s quite common. I wish I at least had the dignity to post the rarer black vinyl version, but I’m afraid I just got this pressing. As you all know this is the second release from these Mexicans after their magnificent, but uber rare, 1979 7″ EP that I’ve never even seen for sale so far. If you find one, be aware that it might be a bootleg as they look very, very legitimate so don’t overpay unless you’re 100% sure it’s an original. Someone told me not to long ago that a label is about to do a legal reissue of their first 7″ as well, but I have no idea of who told me, or which label. Time will tell I hope.

So, this ain’t as raw as their first release, but it’s still a damn fine one. My favourite track is Social germ as I think it’s the snottiest one, but all three tracks are well worth a few spins in a row. Which is your favourite from this EP?

Country: Mexico
Year: 1980
Label: New Rockers
Format: 12″
I pity you.mp3
Social germ.mp3


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The Dogs – Rot ‘n’ Roll 7″


Long time since you saw a “real” KBD record here. I mean a record that actually was included on some of the Killed by Death comps(#18). Rot ‘n’ Roll makes me think of Sonic’s Rendezvous Band City Slang. They don’t sound the same but it’s that simple and effective riffing that can go on forever without getting boring. Teen Slime threads on that same grass. Closer to Stooges than contemporary punk in 1977. Still very good to my ears.

Country: USA
Year: 1977
Label: Rave-Up
Format: 7″
Rot ‘n’ Roll.mp3
Teen Slime.mp3

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No Trend – Teen Love E.P. 7″


Nihilistic. Monotonous. In theory I shouldn’t like this. I have a hard time with bands like Flipper, Butthole Surfers etc. I would like to like them cause they all seem cool and crazy. Why I dig No Trend is beyond me. It’s the same with New Zealands Gordons. Some of this “non happening” music ticks and some don’t.

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: No Trend
Format: 7″
Mass Sterilization Caused By Venereal Disease.mp3
Teen Love.mp3

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Toys – My Mind Wanders E.P. 7″

toys_my_mind_wanders_front (542x600)toys_my_mind_wanders_back (556x600)

My mind wanders!!! My mind wanders!!! My mind wanders!!! My mind wanders!!!
It can be one of the best songs ever written on a lot of days! So insanely catchy, so very British, so very much the perfect example of what I like to call UK DIY. The lyrics to the chorus with the line “and I wonder my darling, how much truth do you want?” might be the best damn lyrics ever written together with the second verse in Another girl another planet. At least they really speak to me and the situation I’m in right now.

All in all this debut from the Toys is a really beautiful EP and even if the other tracks don’t live up to the high standard of My mind wanders I still really like them as they’re all really good songs. I’d do anything for you is pretty much a perfect love song with simple yet effective lyrics and a great melody. The other two tracks are longer, but still really good, even if they might fall out of the power pop category and into straight pop as they’re not too power filled.

The band did a second EP in 1980 that has another superduper hit in Blanket to blanket, and I know Peter have another opinion, but I think the other three tracks on that EP are almost equally good as the obvious hit song. And I have to say that the singer, Gez, is really talanted! Again, he’s really talanted! Emotional, driving and a nice sense for melodies. And he hits all the notes without breaking a sweat. And the lyrics are in general really well-written to top it off. Steve LDK just told me that he later on worked as some sort of speach writer for Tony Blair so there you go.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Provisional EMI Recording Company
Format: 7″
My mind wanders.mp3
The girl on my wall.mp3
I’d do anything for you.mp3

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Horforstaelse – Forlast javel 7″


A true classic here, and I’m 100% sure that everyone already love it and know it by heart, but I still want to post it despite that. You know, just because it need to be here. A compilation LP of everything they recorded is in the works by the American label Captured Tracks, and I’m really looking forward to the comp as the live clips online are very promising as you can see in this bone crushing version of Forlast javel with what sounds like improvised lyrics. If you understand Swedish, or just wanna see more of the band there’s a full documentary about them called Samsta bandet ever (Worst band ever) that I’m sure you can find online somewhere. Last thing, the drum intro here!!!

Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: CTR
Format: 7″
Forlast javel.mp3
Forlast javel dub.mp3

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