Isotope Soap-Frontal Disorder Post Mental Border E.P. 7″ pre-order

Synthpunk, hardcore or just plain shit rock. 100 numbered copies. Taking pre-orders. Out late November 2016.

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Youth Brigade – Possible E.P. 7″


Easy post. Everybody knows it and love it. A classic. A gem. A great record!

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Dischord
Format: 7″
It’s About Time We Had A Change.mp3
Full Speed Ahead.mp3
Point Of View.mp3
Barbed Wire.mp3
Pay No Attention.mp3
Wrong Decision.mp3
No Song.mp3
No Song II.mp3

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Negative Trend – S/T E.P. 7″


Thought I posted this a long time ago. Well here it was in the posting queue. I’m pretty absent at the moment. Got stuck in a loop recording music which feels a bit more rewarding than posting music at the moment. I’ll be here on and off until I got some more inspiration. Martin will keep it up until then.

Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Heavy Manners
Format: 7″
Black And Red.mp3
How Ya Feeling?.mp3

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Stalag – Date Limite De Vente 7″


A massive favorite of mine, even if I can’t put my finger on why I like it so much. Both songs are sort of slow, or medium paced at best. The vocals are pretty emotional and sounds a bit sad (despite I have no idea of what he sings about) but I’m sure they’re great as the singer later on became a writer under the hilarious monkier Thierry Tuborg. But the songs are melodic and catchy and they just keep on growing on me, and despite I’ve been playing this 7″ for close to 10 years now it still makes me as happy.

The band made lots of recordings, and there are at least 4 full compilations of their recordings, both live and from the studio, but unfortunately this was their only release during their existance. I’d recomend that you pick up one of the comps with their studio material as the band obviously knew what they were doing and had a very clear idea on how to write good songs.

The sleeve one this one is amazing by the way! And they recorded in Isis’ studio long before the rest of the western world found out about all their cool activities, as cheap studio time, flag waving, terrorism and bombing of things in general.

Country: France
Year: 1981
Label: Studio Isis
Format: 7″
Date limite de vente.mp3

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The Johnnies – Who Killed Johnny? 7″ E.P.


The young Johnnies from Christchurch in New Zealand released this, their only EP, in 1982 in and edition of 500 copies, and the title track is about Johnny Chanley who used to roadie for this amazing band and who died under sort of mysterious circumcisions.

The 4 boys in the brigade had no sympathy for the oi movement, and neither for the skinhead nazi scene that started to show it’s ugly head all over the western world at around that time, and for that I thank them. It’s still OK to shave your head, wear boots and braces, but as soon as you start to groove to the music with a stiff right arm you’re no friend of mine. I don’t want no oppression, no war, no government, just Jonnarchy, piss and EQ-quality! There there!

Country: New Zealand
Year: 1982
Label: Johnarchy
Format: 7″
Who killed Johnny?.mp3
And you.mp3
Govt. don’t care.mp3

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