The Rivals – Future Rights 7″


 I’ve had the Rivals’ second 7″ Here comes the night in the posting queue for quite some time, but never got around to rip it, which is a shame. It will show up here later on though, but here’s their equally amazing first 7″ while you wait. Got this one in a trade with a friend in the UK, and despite it’s never been a top want, it was not a trade I wanted to say no to. These guys was actually really good musicians as you can hear, and they don’t really ape any other band either. Great song writing, musicianship & punchy production. These guys should have gone further instead of fading into obscurity.

I’ve heard nice things about the Detour comp from a few years ago, and the same thing about their 1978 demo session but so far I haven’t picked them up, so if anyone have them and wants to share, feel free to do so.

If you don’t wanna pick up the original copies of their two 7inches, they’ve both been reissued a few months ago on Breakout records and are available from most good punk distros and shops.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Ace
Format: 7″
Future rights.mp3


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V/A – The Voxhall Tracks E.P. 7″


After hearing Klips 1988 and their song Ultimatum I just had to have this comp. What a surprise the rest of the bands were great too but in a different way since Ultimatum is such an obvious  punk hit. Para-Noia: sloppy and rather typical UK punk but good. The Tee Vees: Plows along in a slow maner and may be a track I could’ve done without. The Friction: second to Ultimatum though it’s slow I totally love the vocals and lyrics and it saves the whole track.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Pink
Format: 7″
Klips 1988 – Ultimatum.mp3
Para-Noia – Money – Time – Ever Been Conned??!!.mp3
The Tee Vees War Machine.mp3
The Friction – Murder.mp3

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Help needed – Mystery track

Hi everyone, many years ago a friend of mine did a compilation for me but never gave me any info on who the artists were. Over the years I’ve managed to figure them all out, but with one exception. And this last one has haunted me since back then. I’ve sent it to quite a lot of people who know their UK punk history, but without any luck. To me it sounds like a British band, but so far the best result I’ve recieved is Chuck H2D who said it sounded slightly familiar. Apart from that, nothing! The rest of the 10-15 collectors I’ve sent it to gave the same answer basically; never heard it before. It’s clearly a vinyl rip and it’s an amazing track! Very DIY, very primitive but obviously not a huge hit…
As everything else on the comp was from the UK (Devils Hole Gang, Scabs, Girls At Our Best, Desperate Bicycles, Au Pairs, The Arnold, Two-fingered Approach, Toys, Scissor Fits etc) I’ve always assumed that this band was as well, but I really don’t know. I can’t even figure out a single word of the lyrics, or even what language it is…

Any help on who it might be or any leads what so ever are more than welcome as it’s been haunting me for at least 1o years now. And before you ask, yes, I’ve asked the guy who did the comp numerous times, but his memory is sketchy at best so no luck there either.


Country: ???
Year: ???
Label: ???
Format: ???
Mystery track.mp3

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Nicky Beat & The Beatniks – I Can Hear Voices 7″ E.P.


Superb and uncomped punk/ powerpop obscurity from a bunch of attractive beatniks from Middlesbrough of North Yorkshire. The band shared members with Protex, Blitzkrieg Bop, No Way and a buch of others, but their lone release stand on it\’s own merits. The title track I can hear voices last longer than your average intercourse, moves slow and might be a bit too much to take for some people with less superior taste than me, so if you’re one of them, flip the record over for more action. Both Starstruck and Split second love are great efforts with melodic bass, great melodies and catchy choruses. The singer is maybe not the greatest singer of all time, but I like his somewhat fey performance. And remember, it ain’t so easy living on 19.50 a week.

Released on Rigid records, the same label as the insanely rare (but unfortunely not as great as it’s price) the Rebels – Suicide/ The leader of the rebellion 7″ and the original r’n’b’ mods from the 60’s who became a sort of popular again new wave band in the late 70’s; Junco Partners )who’s mid 60’s output is better than their later stuff in my opinion). Interesting band story in general, and somewhat simular to Downliners Sect.

I know you’re all wondering why I didn’t scan the poster insert with it’s nice close ups of the pimpled boys, and the reason is unfortunately that I don’t have it. I used to have a scan of it, but I have no idea of where it is anymore. Sorry about that, but have yourself a merry little christmas anyway, you fucking wankers!

Update, latest news, read all about it etc! I found the scan so now it’s there for you to enjoy. 

Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: Rigid
Format: 7″
Split second love.mp3
I can hear voices.mp3

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‘O’ Level – East Sheen 7″ E.P.


Oh Ed Ball how I love your songs! So clever, so catchy and so cool! I sometimes think you might be the only hero in my life. Any chance you’re single and wanna meet up for a cup of tea and rum?

Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: Psycho
Format: 7″
East sheen.mp3
Pseudo punk/ ‘O’ level.mp3

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