Nicky Beat & The Beatniks – I Can Hear Voices 7″ E.P.


Superb and uncomped punk/ powerpop obscurity from a bunch of attractive beatniks from Middlesbrough of North Yorkshire. The band shared members with Protex, Blitzkrieg Bop, No Way and a buch of others, but their lone release stand on it\’s own merits. The title track I can hear voices last longer than your average intercourse, moves slow and might be a bit too much to take for some people with less superior taste than me, so if you’re one of them, flip the record over for more action. Both Starstruck and Split second love are great efforts with melodic bass, great melodies and catchy choruses. The singer is maybe not the greatest singer of all time, but I like his somewhat fey performance. And remember, it ain’t so easy living on 19.50 a week.

Released on Rigid records, the same label as the insanely rare (but unfortunely not as great as it’s price) the Rebels – Suicide/ The leader of the rebellion 7″ and the original r’n’b’ mods from the 60’s who became a sort of popular again new wave band in the late 70’s; Junco Partners )who’s mid 60’s output is better than their later stuff in my opinion). Interesting band story in general, and somewhat simular to Downliners Sect.

I know you’re all wondering why I didn’t scan the poster insert with it’s nice close ups of the pimpled boys, and the reason is unfortunately that I don’t have it. I used to have a scan of it, but I have no idea of where it is anymore. Sorry about that, but have yourself a merry little christmas anyway, you fucking wankers!

Update, latest news, read all about it etc! I found the scan so now it’s there for you to enjoy. 

Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: Rigid
Format: 7″
Split second love.mp3
I can hear voices.mp3

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‘O’ Level – East Sheen 7″ E.P.


Oh Ed Ball how I love your songs! So clever, so catchy and so cool! I sometimes think you might be the only hero in my life. Any chance you’re single and wanna meet up for a cup of tea and rum?

Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: Psycho
Format: 7″
East sheen.mp3
Pseudo punk/ ‘O’ level.mp3

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The Spelling Missteaks – Popstar 7″ E.P.


Magnificent moments of 100% brilliancy/ idiocy in vocal performances;
1. 2-3 seconds into the intro of The Homosexuals’ Soft South Africans when the singer says “Diggi diggi diggi digg” and the bass replies by playing the same thing.
2. The way the singer in The Scabs counts 1,2,3,4 at the start of Amory Building.
3. Howard Devoto’s “bu-dum bu-dum” right before the guitar solo in Boredom.

I’m sure you all agree on those examples, and here’s another one that have to be a homage to Howard Devoto, as the singer says “uzza uzza” just before the solo in Rubber Duck! And I go down on my knees everytime I hear it. And I play that 67 seconds long song over and over and over again just to hear him say those magic words. And after I’ve played that song enough times I play the a-side quite a few times as well as both songs there are almost as good, and they’re both perfect for us with a short attention span. The last song, Urge is my least favourite, but thankfully it’s just above a minute long so I’ll let it pass.

And this is another disc from the excellent Stortbeat label that also gave us fantastic records from The Sods, The Licks (aka the Epileptics), The Gangsters and The Rabbits. Give me some time and their records will pop up here too.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Stortbeat
Format: 7″
Rubber duck.mp3

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Pankrti – Lepi In Prazni 7″


Lublana is shit(?) I’m not sure that’s exactly what it means, but the Slovenians in Pankrti didn’t exactly think too much about the city, but then hate and boredom are the two things that makes the best inspiration for great music, right? I prefer the b-side of their debute 7″, but the a-side is a nice one as well.

Pankrti did 3 7inches where the first 2 are well worth getting in my humble opinion, and the same goes for their first LP Dolgcajt from 1980 even if I am willing to admit I don’t put it on the turntable too often. They did 6 LPs up til 87, but apart from their first one I have no idea if they are any good. As this is one of the most uninspired texts I’ve ever written here I just end it now.

Country: Yugoslavia
Year: 1978
Label: Skuc
Format: 7″
Lepi in prazni.mp3
Lublana je bulana.mp3

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Girl Guided Missiles – Desperate Men 7″


Another UK 7″ you say? Yes of course I’d say, and this time it’s one that I think is new to a lot of people concidering it’s really hard to track down, never been comped and it’s not on youtube (yet, even though that might change after this post). And it’s a great record, so why it never appeared on any of of the Bloodstains, KBD, BTF etc series is beyond me. But then I could say the same thing about Nicky Beat & the Beatniks and numerous other bands in the posting queue. On the other hand I think that means that there are still enough great and uncomped records from the UK to fill a few more series if anyone wanna pick up the torch again.
And I’m still waiting for someone to do the first Japanese KBD comp! There has been a few hardcore ones, and then there’s the Gozira label comp, but I’m still waiting for for a classic Killed by death comp of obscure Japanese punk bands.
And I’m also waiting for a Bloodstains across Eastern Europe! Come on, someone whould know enough about that scene do put together a more than decent compilation.

If fyou couldn’t tell that already I don’t really know that much about this band…

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Seandee
Format: 7″
Desperate men.mp3
Fully qualified robot.mp3

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