The Flyboys – Crayon World 7″

flyboys_crayon_world.jpgTypically “ahhh” voices that later became so common among bands from the Huntington Beach area like: Adolescents, D.I. etc. I’ve got the 12″ too which have some nice tracks on it. Only thing I know is that they later became “Choir Invisible” whom I’ve never heard. Anyone?



Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Flyguy
Format: 7″
Crayon World.mp3
Square City

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  1. fred says:

    Didn’t realize they became gay-ass Choir Invisible (steer clear queer!), but the great Flyboys are pictured in the foldout of the 1st Flesheaters 45, since they are playin on it.

    The 12 inch Ep has some cuts that come out better than others. Would have loved to see Flyboys, Crowd, Go-Gos at Madame Wongs (Dragon Lady), but didn’t. Sad.

  2. Mike says:

    wasn’t this The Crowd minus Jim D? I heard the singer died not too long after this was put out?

  3. Mike says:

    Can we please have Square City? I like that one!

  4. nick says:

    dennis walsh from the crowd was the drummer in the flyboys, the singer jon boy is still with us, it was david way who i believe played keyboards who passed away.

  5. Jay Thurston says:

    Yep, I remember the keyboard player dying around 1980??? I always thought it was my record that sounded warped…does this one sound warped to you?

  6. John Curry was the singer and he became a graphic artist on the L A Weekly, losing his hair along the way.

    Dennis Walsh did join the Crowd after The Flyboys, the connection being that the Decker brothers were originally from Arcadia, California, the same ‘hood as the Flyboys.

    Walsh has been a mailman for many years. It pays exceptionally well!

  7. Mike says:

    Square City Please :-)

  8. Monger says:

    yes,add Square City
    Mine doesnt sount “warped” but the crayon world side seemes to be out of whack,due to a pressing error
    Keyboard player was killed in a car crash early on,as i recall

  9. Lisa Fancher says:

    C’mon you Oscar Wildes (not), you never thought to call them “Queer Invisible”? That was a popular epithet at the time, so unPC… Anyhow BREAKING NEWS: we’re reissuing the Square City/Crayon World 45 in May ’09. The fold up sleeve will be the same but the plastic bag will have a Frontier Records bar code. Hot pink vinyl… Both songs have been digitally remastered by genius Paul DuGre. And if any of you call it “Square Shitty,” I’ll come over there and beat the hell out of you! Look for ’em on our site or your favorite vinyl record shopppe.

    You know you love me

    • Dennis Walsh says:

      Hello Lisa,glad to hear you are reissuing Crayon World 45.I would very much like to have a ciopy or rmore. Seeing as how Im the original drummer and oldest friend of the band.Im still playing in The Crowd as well as a couple other bands.The Crowd is recording our new release right now.Ive finished the basics so its up to them to finish now. Anyway,please contact me about the 45 or anything else.Take care.Dennis

    • mike powell says:


  10. Lisa Fancher says:

    Double doh– I forgot to address the warp issue… Lee Gutenberg originally released the Square City 45, paid for it himself gosh bless him. Somehow the pressing plant originally pressed the single on 12″ vinyl and as he didn’t have the funds to remanufacture it, each record had to be hand shaved down to a 7″ by hand! So these 45s have quite irregular edges and many of them sound like they have a warp. The sleeve had a similarly disasterous origin and this is why so many early 45s were one-offs, never to be re-pressed.
    The End.

  11. Jay Thurston says:

    Thanks Lisa for the reason my record has sound warped. That is hilarious. Is the re release going to be warped too?? Hahahaha…I fucking hope not. I have always loved this record…both sides are brilliant. Classic record to say the least.

    • gutendaddy says:

      Thanks Lisa for the info regarding the “warp”.
      I had the pressings done at a “plant” in Alhambra, Ca that specialized in polka records. It was the only place I could find that offrered blue transparent vinyl. The guy who mastered the disk had to be atleast 65 yrs. old and could not understand why I wanted to make this “noise” into a record. When I got the disks, I found that more than 35% were warped and unplayable. The remainder we hand inspected and issued.

      The cover concept was developed by David (Wilson) Way and was designed by Diane Pettingil of Tiny Art. We gave a pressman a case of beer to print
      it on a weekend.

      • Jay Thurston says:

        YOu did a fine job in hand inspecting the rest…hahahahaha. I still love watching the needle sway from side to side while it is playing. The slight warp sound makes it interesting to say the least. I purchased mine at Poobahs in 1980….still love it.

  12. Jay Thurston says:

    Peter, you should put up Square City too…it is not too bad. You posted both sides of the Jetz…B side sucked really bad.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Since you didn´t tell me how much you love Catch me I´ll never post the b-side of Flyboys. Just kidding. This was posted when I decided to only post one/two songs of each record. And the b-side is great so of course it needs to be reposted.

  13. Deiter says:

    I thought the first record was surprisingly good. A couple of tracks were real stand outs. I played it often back in 1981. Though, the success of that album owes much to the good work of the guitar player. A good rhythm section, too. The singer seemed to be trying to be something he wasn’t quite and ends up coming off a little inauthentic and naive. (The lyrics seemed to be reaching for a cleverness a little beyond them as well.) This probably explains the “Queer Visible” epitaphs. There was something very suburban about their inauthenticity, though, something a lot of should be able to relate to. (An Intro to Lit class at the community college and you think you’re worthy of Dylan Thomas, I did that myself.) The second album was a courageous attempt to grow, experimenting with a sound that was fairly uncharted in OC at the time. I found it unlistenable. I saw them live around the time of the first album, they were pretty good. For OC at the time they were practically transcendent. Bless ’em.

  14. peter louis eilken says:

    hello people! peter here original guitar man for the FLYBOYS! i cowrote ” nothing left to show” with dennis, the b side i forget, but was written by decker, curry, wilson[way]. funny how some people forgot to mention me, since me, curry and walsh were the founding members stemed from a band called ” austin-WEBB band”. rock on!

  15. mike powell says:

    Saw these guys in late 1970’s in Arcadia. My friend Chuck Taperts brother Rob had a house wrecking party in Arcadia where this band played while we tore the house down. WHAT A PARTY!

    • Rob Tapert says:

      Hi Mike, That was one fucked up party!! We rented the house and the land lord said it didnt matter how we left the house because he was going to tear it down and build condos. After we tore down the house he made a claim against his insurance for the damage we had done. Then the insurance company sued us for $8,000 each. I never paid a fuckin dime. He totally set us up!!! The Flyboys played while drunken punks did the pogo in the plaster that had come dowm from the walls. When the police came in full riot gear the band refused to stop playin untill they shut the power off!! After the party you could see all the way through the house to the backyard as all the walls had been destroyed.I’ll never forget it!

  16. Edwardo says:

    You punk guys are being so hard on poor choir invisible… they were not gay it turns out… just drug addicts. (well some of them)

  17. Gabe says:

    Can you please upload square city?? I can’t find it anywhere online

  18. MRS says:

    Square City please Mr. Swedenhammar….

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