Rich Rags – Jeffry… 7″

The Rich Rags have been talked about more and more during the last year. I got this 7″ in 2003 but without the original sleeve so if anyone got a scan that would be higly appreciated. The Rags are about to release a CD inluding their two 7inches this beeing their second release. Read about Rich Rags HERE! I found and old Rich Rags page that’ve closed down where the original version of “Jeffry…” where published. The 7″ version was speeded up by mistake if I recall it right. Which of course only make it better.
Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Ragdisk
Format: 7″
Jeffrey(where are you know).mp3
Syncopated Love

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  1. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    It’s working now :)

  2. I’m going back over 3 years in the time machine by posting a comment on this posting. Is the B-side “Syncopated Love” bad? Would you consider posting it so I can hear the entire 7″? Thanks. The A-side is so good and was actually the first posting of yours I stumbled upon back in April of 2006. I’ve finally updated my blog over the past week or so with like 4 new postings (I think this is a record for me). eBay uber seller lpman13 is actually selling a copy of this Rich Rags 7″ this week, complete with the picture sleeve- his item description says that only 100(!) copies were pressed. I’m sure it’ll go for hundreds of $$$$.

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey Tony! Long time since I listened to the b-side. This one defiantly needs a repost.

    Woho april 2006 :). You must be one of the most long lived visitors to this blog then. Will check your blog tonight since you always post something interesting, and I encourage you all to do the same.

    100 copies pressed of Rich Rags? Dunno. Too bad the Rich Rags page is no more. Can´t even find it at

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Found this one:
    no sound clips though that the old one had.

  5. Thanks! I actually check the blog every day, like right after I check my e-mail.

  6. Lee Steel says:

    The original 45 was sped-up on purpose without my input when it was mastered. I have MP3 files of the “fast” version. A speed repaired version, and also Syncopated Love, written by Mark Scott. Yes you are correct, only 100 copies exist and the master was ruined in a damp garage.

    Here is some history on the band:

  7. jeff levy says:

    the mix down deck was not calibrated – thus the tape used for press ran at a different speed. I still may have that mix down tape somewhere. I’ve to the master for the ep somewhere as well… my assumption is that its not in the best of shape. I’ll have to check it out. – Jeff – Drums – Rich Rags

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