The Dole – Hungry Men… 7″

dole_hungry_cover.jpgOk, here comes the whole song title: “Hungry Men No Longer Steal Sheep But Are There Hanging Judges?”. On Chuck Warners(Hyped 2 Death) “Messthetics no. 8” comp. Know nothing about this band. Did it have a sleeve? How many copies where pressed? Did they release anything else? It’s a great track anyway. You may think that “New Wave Love” would be a great song according to the title. It’s not.
Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: Ultimate
Format: 7″
New Wave Love
Hungy Men…mp3

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  1. James D says:

    The Dole were from Peterborough, this was their only single, it original had a die-cut paper sleeve with label logo, band name and song titles printed on it, not sure how many copies were pressed.

  2. murdermissle says:

    I disagree, New Wave Love was a pretty descent track……

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    James D, is it possible to get a scan of the cover?

  4. James D says:

    I don’t have the Dole 7″, but here’s a scan I found on the web a few years ago…

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Nice James! Thanks alot!!!

  6. tony b says:

    New Wave Love is an absolute killer track….it will grow on me. took years before i realised how good it was. just like its hard by plummet airlines.

  7. Paul Vjestica says:

    Hi. I was the original drummer in the Dole…..This was the one and only single that we made (it was a double A side) but we did record a few more of our songs such as Destroy It, Northern Ireland, Sexpertease, Switch On Switch Off and Who Cares……many thanks for some of the compliments, its nice to know that there are still people out there that remember the ‘good old days’

    Paul V

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  9. Matthew Gillatt says:

    Hi. I’m Matt Gillatt and I played base on “New Wave Love” (How are you Paul, long time Eh!!) We recorded it in an empty house on Eastfield Road. Happy,Happy Days!!!!!!!!!!!

    Matt G

  10. emily says:

    my ex ordered dole’s only lp from abroad..and we listened to it together for the first time…(and we’re only 18)
    loved it…I cant believe matt g and paul v are commenting too.. !
    good music is never forgotten or lost.!;)

  11. Pepe says:

    Both songs are absolutely brilliant!!! Is there any chance Paul V. that you get the other songs you recorded somewhere on the web… probably this very website? Please do!!! I am dying to get to listen to the rest of your songs…

  12. martyn says:

    why not put up the Aside, it was goog after all.

  13. Lee Winter says:

    Could never decide the best side myself. Another originally heard on John Peel.
    New Wave Love always reminds me of Don’t cry wolf by the damned, not sure why. maybe bought them around the same time.

  14. Andrew Rose says:

    New Wave Love – excellent track I’ve known for ages thanks to it turning up on a Cherry Red/ZigZag compilation album someone nicked from my collection about 20 years ago. Just found (ahem) a download copy online and listening again for the first time in years.

    Excellent stuff – I was about 5 years too young for it first time around but was scouring the local 2nd hand record shop in Kidderminster in the early 80s and finding all sorts of wonderful material to sustain me through the 80s, along with whatever Peel was playing.

    Ended up as a sound engineer at the BBC – including a single Peel session in the early 90s. Inspiration: you never know where it’ll take you…

    Thanks guys :-)

  15. Vaeringar says:

    As I like to share my enlightenment sentiment (Vaeringjar Rousseau, some say), when kneeling, my better half refers to the flesh-to-forehead touch of those surrounding her as the affection of the “hungy men.”

  16. mao says:

    dude. new wave love is a dope ass song.

  17. Simon Page says:

    Hey, Simon here. Originally played guitar with The Dole. Glad there’s still love for this record… Amazing.


    • Matt Gillatt says:

      Hi Simon, long time since we spoke….. Remeber those happy days we had. Punk is still alive and kicking!!!
      Matt G (Bass)

      • Paul V says:

        Hi guys, can’t believe its 5 years since I found this page, but have found it again lol.

        Matt :- Good to hear from you, sorry about the long delay getting back to you !!!

        Simon :- Hey, how you doing?

        Will have to check this page more often, or drop me an email guys…………….

  18. Matt Gillatt says:

    Or even “remember”….never could type!

  19. Sav says:

    I had the single when it first came out and was blown away by it, i to got all my records nicked in about 1980 but was glad to get it again on the buisness as usual comp, one of the best comps by the way.
    I dj at Rebellion punk festival and whenever i play it people ask about it.
    Always wondered if you guys where still about , it would be great to have yous play.
    New Wave Love was the classic for me , but Mahoney as we called it , became a drunken sing song anthem with our crew back in the day,thanks for making our lives richer with two totally individual tunes which was what it was all about, respect

    • Matt Gillatt says:

      Thanks for the compliment Sav. I am now learning to play the drums, my teacher is Spike Smith who pounds out the beat for Conflict. Small world isn’t it!!!!!
      Matt Gillatt

  20. Mish says:

    I am sad to inform you that Ian “Emu”Neeve the singer passed away a few weeks ago .
    I got to know him well at work , always yakking about the good old days .
    Saw the Dole a few times at the Marquee and local gig .
    Also got the single , both sides are great .Shame there is no other material out there .
    RIP Brother

  21. Belinda Cauwood says:

    Just to say hello to Matt, Simon and Paul – hope you are all well and are you all still in Peterborough? Two weeks ago, I sat over my record player, thought of you all as I listened to my copy of New Wave Love and remembered Emu with affection. My brother had text to say he had been told about Emu passing away. I still remember those days as happy, happy days. I still get down to Peterborough occasionally and as I am looking to contributors to a book on punk I am trying to get written ( in between working and doing a degree!), the members of The Dole would be ideal material! Does anyone know what happened to or the whereabouts of Pete – I lost touch with him ages ago. Best wishes.

    • Matt Gillatt says:

      Hi Belinda, it’s been a long time since we spoke. Last bumped into Pete in a chip shop in Harrow. He was working for the old BT then, but that was 32 years ago! Still in Peterborough at the old house if you can remember. Give us a shout next time your up. Keep safe. Matt x

  22. says:

    That’s terrible news, the world is now missing a colourful character. Thoughts are with you “Big E”.

  23. Hutch says:

    Hi,I got the single which I bought I think when you supported punishment of luxury at the marquee,in 1978,still play it,40 quid on ebay would never tempt me to sell this classic punk record

  24. Belinda Cauwood says:

    To Simon and Paul – Matt and I are in touch via email and we are trying to arrange a meal and get together with the rest of The Dole members. It would be nice for us to raise a glass or two to Emu. We’re hoping you might look at this site again and get in touch!! Neither of us know Pete’s whereabouts, though Matt and myself are putting feelers out. Here’s hoping one of you sees this message and gets in touch!! Belinda x

    • Peter Howsam says:

      And last to the party – me! Keyboard player with the Dole 77-78, I wrote New Wave Love when I was 16, and I am still quite proud of it. So…as they say…the gang’s all here! Really nice to read people’s comments.

      Only found out yesterday (thanks, Belinda) that Emu’s already left us. We were at school together and at one time I would have said he was my best mate. Such a shame.

      If you’re planning a lunch in his memory I’ll try and be there…work etc permitting. OR..why not make it a bigger event (he was also in The Name), somehow raise a few quid for an appropriate charity?

      Regards to Paul, Matt, Simon.

      Peter H

      • Belinda Cauwood says:

        Hooray!! You’ve found us! Have you got an email address I can contact you on? I think initially (as the gang!) we intend to just have a meal and catch up and remember Emu. But…..perhaps another time, we could extend it to a gig!! And a fundraiser. I am trying to get a date sorted for the meal, so I will email everyone with suggested dates.
        Belinda x

        • sav says:

          Hi , i know ive asked before but maybe if your all getting together for this lunch , might be worth mentioning a reform for maybe a one off or a few gigs , i dj at Rebellion festivals and could get yous on there , maybe not this year as time is running short but could try but defo next year , all the best. sav

          • Matt Gillatt says:

            Sav, nice of you to suggest it but I think…..we might all be a little long in the tooth for that!
            Pete, great to here from you. We last met in a chip shop in Harrow in 1982, remember? Belinda will pass on my email address to you.
            P.S…… wouldn’t be the same without Emu!

  25. Peter Howsam says:

    @ Matt – I spent time in Harrow in about ’82 but damned if I can remember meeting you…maybe the Fish and Chips really was that good…. :-) I emailed Ben McKnight this week, and it seems the Name are having a reunion gig in Peterborough this year so there would be a few more familiar faces there – I might try and get along.
    @ Sav – nice of you to offer. I play in a covers band now so am still capable – but Matt is right – who would dare to sing… ?
    @ Belinda – send me the date through FB it will find me and I’ll try and make it.
    @ Paul V – didn’t Tom W marry your sister?

  26. Nick Weston says:

    Pete – Just found the single you gave to me back in 1977. We use to work together on the GPO when we first started work and spent about 6 weeks in Edinburgh on a Postal engineering course (I was from Leicester) . Saw many bands while we were there – 999, Rezillos, Wreckless Eric etc. Just thought I would say Hi and hope you are well.

    • Peter Howsam says:

      HI, Nick – wierdly I was wondering what happened to you the other week (partly cos work now takes me past Leicester). Hope you are well. I am still in the telecoms industry and you can find me on LinkedIn – it’d be good to hear from you, and to learn how the heck did YOU find this thread?

  27. Simon Page says:

    Hi all – great to hear from you Peter. Looking forward to seeing you all for the meal – would be happy to talk about a possible reunion gig (thanks Sav), although I understand the possible reservations! I agree it wouldn’t be the same without Emu. Unless someone has some tapes, or a really good memory, I’d probably only be able to remember 2 or 3 songs – but I could sing, only if you wanted (I’m the vocalist in my current band). But anyway let’s get together in June to catch up – even if all we do is stay mates.
    This is good.

    • sav says:

      Hi , nice to hear your comments Simon, a previous comment, cant remember who now , said we’re all abit long in the tooth, for a gig, but i wouldnt worry about that we all are. The Rebellion fest in Blackpool has a majority of old timers comming out of the woodwork along with the young new bands but its a realy nice feeling a lot of the more obscure older bands get from the event , yous might meet with folk you know from the day. Also its not strictly punk check the website for list of bands , for instance this year we have for the second time the crazy world of Arthur Brown, i rekon you guys would enjoy it , …worth considering if you manage to get a stand in for Emu, all the best anyway and have a nice meal together. Sav

  28. Matt Gillatt says:


  29. Nick Weston says:

    Pete – which one are you on LinkedIn as there are a couple with the same name.

  30. Matthew Gillatt says:

    Hi Peter,
    We have set a date for the meal, Belinda has left details on your FB page. Can you let us know if your coming. Cheers mate.

  31. Peter Howsam says:

    Hi, Matt – I said to Belinda I have that date in my diary. I have a few mixed feelings about being there but it would be good to see the old crew again and I will do my best to avoid other commitments (family, band etc). Take care meantime. Peter.

  32. Matt Gillatt says:

    Just a reminder to all the old band that the reunion is on this Saturday at the place we arranged. Table booked for six pm. No swearing or fighting please, black tie optional!
    No shirt…..just the tie. Happy days.

  33. Matt Gillatt says:

    We had a brilliant night on Saturday, ended about 2.00 am. We have decided to do the Rebellion festival in 2016 (if Sav can get us in.Note to Sav please have words) We have a bit of a special guest who may play with us if all goes well. If you are interested message me or email.

  34. Matt Gillatt says:

    Peter, sorry forgot to say thanks from us all for the wine!

  35. Matt Gillatt says:

    We are trying to make plans about getting together for a practise. We have tracks 7 tracks that I can send you in MP3 format, and Simon is working on a tape that has a load more on. If you don’t want to give it a go can you just let us know so we can make other plans. Also we can let you know who is very interested in doing guest vocals. I can’t really put his name on here as it’s only 99% agreed. Please let us know one way or the other so we can make plans. Here’s hoping.

    • sav says:

      Hi , great news , i hope, of doing 2016 rebellion , busy getting this years stuff together, never get an answer from organisers at this sort of time far to busy to speak to me, but when im there will have time to talk and get you on for next year , any news or queries let me know cheers,

      • Matt Gillatt says:

        Will do Sav. Thanks.

      • Matthew Gillatt says:

        Hi Sav,
        We have just found out the dates of Rebellion 2016 which has raised a slight problem. When our reunion was in it’s infancy I mentioned the chance of playing at Rebellion to Gizz Butt (The Prodigy, English Dogs, Pyogenesis, Fields Of The Nephilim, Sabbat etc.) He was, and still is, a big fan of The Dole’s music. He said that if we ever did decide to do a reunion show, he would be very keen to pay respect and tribute to our sadly missed lead singer Ian “Emu” Neeve (as would all of us) who passed away last year. We, of course, jumped at the chance. Here is where the problem arises. Gizz is playing in Europe on the 4,5 & 6th, which means he could only make the Sunday. Obviously it is a big ask, but if you can get us on next year, could you try and get us a Sunday slot. Please don’t think we’re making demand’s, it would just be great if a musician of Gizz’s standing could play with us. Hope you can help, but understandable if you can’t. Here’s hoping.

        • sav says:

          HI Matt, sure very understandable, i’ll do my best , and im sure it will be ok, can let you know when im up there , cheers.

          • Matthew Gillatt says:

            Sav, I’m on the business website “LinkedIn”. If you go on and register (no cost involved), look me up and select “Connect” we can swop contact details.

          • Matthew Gillatt says:

            Hi Sav, Any news. Do you want me to contact the organizers via the website?

            • sav says:

              Hi Matt, yes , ive had a word over the festival with Daz and Jennie, but as you can imagine all a bit hectic and a lot to deal with , Daz told me to email with details which i have done over facebook, it may be good if you contacted via the website aswell, and mention that ive had a word . Its looking busy as its the big 20th year comming but heres hopping yous are on, let me know if you hear and if not let me know and ill give em a prod, cheers for now , sav.

  36. Matt Gillatt says:

    Hi Sav,
    Heard nothing from Daz and Jennie so far. Could you give them a prod, just so we know?
    Cheers Matt

  37. Felipe says:

    Hello from Spain. NewWave Love is on the Spanish version of that Cherry Red compilation and its unique combination of colossal keyboard line, razor sharp guitar, powerful bass/drums support and sweet duet vocals caught me from the start. If you ever get those other songs released I would be no.1 curious buyer. Pardon my broken English

    • Simon says:

      Hi Felipe
      Great to hear your amazingly kind comments. Your English is perfect. You’ve probably worked out that we are on at the Rebellion festival in Blackpool tomorrow . If we’re lucky we might get a good ecording and video of it . Watch this space !
      Warm regards

    • Matt Gillatt says:

      Thanks for the kind words. There is an album due out late this year. I will keep you posted. We have a Facebook page if you want to look. We have just played at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool.

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