Manikins – Models For Mankind 7″

manikins.jpgDave Faulkner(Flick) who formed “The Victims” would later join Manikins but by then they weren’t that good. This debutes A-side is brilliant though and have been on “Break The Rules no. 3” comp. LP. Sort of a Rich Kids feel to it. Think it’s the guitar sound. “Radio World” could’ve been good if the guitars where as loud as on “Never…”. Manikins came out of one of Australias first punk bands “The Cheap Nasties” some of the Nasties went on to form “The Scientists” and some other to “Manikins”.
Country: Australia
Year: 1978
Label: SMX
Format: 7″
I Never Thought I’d Find Someone Who Would Be So Kind.mp3
Radio World

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  1. …hmm… is ‘radio world’ the same one that Von Elmo does..??

  2. …hmm… is ‘radio world’ the same one that Von LMO does..??

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