Unwanted – Withdrawal 7″

Withdrawl 7.jpgA punkclassic on RAW records with that charactaristic sound created in Spaceward studio. Well, I hope I´m right when I make a guess on that studio…the cover doesn´t tell and neither does the label but IT SOUNDS like a spaceward recording. What happened next to this great band?



Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: RAW
Format: 7″



Bleak outlook

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  1. James D says:

    The back of the sleeve on The Unwanted’s ‘Secret Past’ comp LP says “recorded 22.8.77 at Spaceward”, so you guessed right.

  2. Ollie Stench says:

    Singer Ollie Wisdom (whom I stole my pseudonym from in 1983) went on to be the singer in the Goth Glam band Specimen. He’s now a techno DJ.

  3. Erich says:

    That’s a bitter end for every man, becoming a techno dj.

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