Gepopel – Paracide E.P. 7″

gepopel_cover.jpgAlong with “White Male Dumbiance” by B.G.K. this has to be among the top 5 Dutch Hardcore releases. What happened to Gepopel after this? Think about this kids:”After searching hard you’ve found a new name/the word may be new but it stils means the same/I don’t want hardcore to be this year’s thing/’cos only the wrong bands will get exposure/Bandwagon men, bandwagon women/You suck, suck, suck ,suck, suck, suck me dry…” from “Bandwagon”. This felt so right at the time and still does. Strange.
Country: Holland
Year: 1985
Label: Diehard
Format: 7″
In Our Hands
Ze Koemn Ook Bij Jou
Tied To Time
Blind Faith
Just Because.mp3

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  1. Pogel says:

    First of all this is a great site and you sure have been busy posting. Secondly yes many punk bands had excellent lyrics and helped shape my life, but nothing really changes. Humans stink and always have. If you read ancient literature like that written by Taoist monks thousands of years ago the problems with society then are still familiar today.

  2. Mike says:

    Do you have the rest of the lyrics to that song + the title track?

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hi Mike!
    Yes I have but I don’t have the time to help you out right now.

  4. Spin says:

    Niels, the vocalist/guitarist played in a band called De Kift at one point and now has his own mp3 blog callled Eet u Smakelijk at

    Thanks for posting these tracks. This ep is a winner.

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Niels have been in lots of bands :). Vernon Walters is another example.

    I posted Niels and Joosh latest band Sack O’ Woes here:

    GREAT record!!!

  6. Eric from WI says:

    WOW! Ive heard these guys before from a split tape w/ Funeral oration, and I really liked them
    but hereing the mp3’s on this site really prove this band rules, sounds like a euro D.R.I.

    I also bought a 7SECONDS record from Niels on e-bay a while back

  7. chris captured says:

    yes, yes, more gepopel ! loved em back then. still love em now. didja know that matt from infest was a huge GEPOPEL fan? if you didn’t, you know now!!!

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