Siniestro Total – Ayudandi A… E.P. 7″

sinisestro_total.jpgDon’t know anything about this great spanish band except they’re from Madrid and are still around today. This fantastic piece of vinyl have been reissued by spains Munster Records. Get it! Here’s Siniestro Totals official homepage: boy a comere chocho!



Country: Spain
Year: 1982
Label: D.R.O. Producciones
Format: 7″
Matar Jipis En Las Cies.mp3

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  1. camboyano says:

    hey, they are from VIGO!!!!!!

  2. m . a . says:

    they’re really from galicia, spain, and yes they’re one of the best punk rock bands in spanish…

  3. m . a . says:

    … yes they’re from vigo city in galicia, spain.

  4. They´re a great punk rock band that started at the eighties in Spain, with German Copini as the lead singer.

    Siniestro total were better with Copini, but they´re great anyway.

    The song “matar Jipis en las cies” talks about killing hippies:

    They are my friends
    But I don´t care
    and I´m gonna kill them
    Kill hippies

  5. PHUNKEN says:

    fuck galegos ASTURIAS RULZ SUCKERS

  6. Argantonio says:

    ANTE TODO MUCHA CALMA, one of the best live albums of Spanish music history (recorded by SINIESTRO TOTAL)

  7. fernando says:

    This was the 1st record (ca 5/82) by S.T. (btw the title is “Ayudando” not “ayudandi”). Yes they were (are) from Vigo, Galicia, sent a tape to a radio show in Madrid and soon after they got a record deal with the (then) brand new indie DRO. With their fun lyrics they became sort of the first real punk “success” in Spain, specially with their 1st LP “¿Cuándo se come aquí?” (12/82). Another good 45 came next summer (“Sexo chungo/Me pica un huevo”) but the singer G. Coppini quit and started singing with the wave band Golpes Bajos. ST carried on but became more rock-ish (and boring).
    Yes “Matar Jipis en las Cíes” = Killing hippies in the Cies” which are some islands in Galicia where the hippies chilled out in the 70’s-80’s. The lyrics are a fun description of mutilation (I bite off his ear, / I tear off his arm, his leg, and so on), elenarendezvous got them wrong, they dont say “they’re my friends” but “their friends come / but I dont care, / they’re some hippies / and I’m gonna kill them”. “Purdey” is about the female character in the New Avengers series.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They are from Madrid

  9. Dani says:

    this ep is good, but to me are better from that years DESECHABLES, ESPASMODICOS, TDK, and other hundreds, siniestro total were a joke!!!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      In what sense where they a joke Dani? Would love to hear the bands you’re mentioning. Haven’t heard any of them them.

      • Anonymous says:

        sorry for the delay,
        i would like to add the bands i mention, how could i do that? i mean, with the covers, labels, and music as you do, posting them in this site, or sending you a cd with pictures and music,
        i mean they are a joke because they really had knowledge of their instruments, (true and really), and the lyrics are that kind of easy cheap joke, funny in the first audition, but boring in the next week… anyway, this ep, “ayudando a los enfermos” is their best , i think they are still playing, (but blues music), do you understand what i mean when i say they are a joke…
        i would like to share my spanish punk records to the world,

        • dani says:

          yes it´s me Dani, i didn´t registrate my answer

          • The Flakes // Drummer says:

            Dani, we’re only 2 guys posting records from our own record collections and at the moment I don’t plan to have any other contributors.

          • dani says:

            ok, but, would you like to hear some of that records?, and some info about them?, i can send you a cd or a tape, or better, make my own page and send you the link, (this will be not so fast), i think some bands were really great and should be better known to make justice

  10. Jaun Millalonco says:

    My first visit here, found the blog accidentally really, and I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed my visit and had some good reads while here :)

  11. Richard says:

    HEY The Flakes // Drummer, Dani is right…there are a lot more spanish bands much much better than Siniestro Total…for example…and my favorite spanish band is ESKORBUTO you have to listen to them…Listen to us because we have more punk spanish music…I am from Costa Rica by the way.
    This is a link for you The Flakes, watch a great punk band (from Spain)…listen to his voice…Eskorbuto was a very RAW band.
    Hope you enjoy it.
    PS. This is the weirdest video from this band, the environment is so…..nothing fits with the band hahaha they were crazy guys…the translation of the title of the song is “destroyed brains”.

    Thanks for this amazing website…I am knowing great old school music.
    Non commercial…that is great.

  12. Richard says:

    You can watch that scene, a more clear video here:

    The song is “antitodo”, that is like to say in english “anti-everything”

    Hahahaha look at the people at this place…nothing fits with the band…it is so funny.

  13. zach says:

    purdey is a great song too.

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