Sector Four – Disclexia E.P. 7″

sectorfour.jpgTwo great tracks out of five. This should’ve been a two tracker. Great cover of “Heartbreak Hotel” that was originally done by? Michael Jacksson? No it was something on E.. Eilert Pilarm maybe? From Hyped To Death:” pressed one EP on Roach Motel’s “Destroy” label and added two tracks to the We Can’t Help It EP. Maximum Rock&Roll caught them talking with Ian McKaye, but they never made it out of Florida. Drummer/vocalist Paul Suhor went on to Harley Krishna (who re-made a bunch of S4 songs) and now records in his own studio and teaches stop-smoking hypnosis at Rainbow gatherings.”
Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Destroy
Format: 7″
Heartbreak Hotel.mp3
Jump On You.mp3
No Revenge
Table Leg

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  1. Mr Thrills says:

    Heartbreak Hotel is an old Elvis song.

    I’ve played in a few bands with the drummer, he’s a creepy old Krishna hippie nowadays

  2. delilah says:

    Why do I have the distinct feeling you just want to suck his punk rock cock?

  3. Classmate says:

    S.A.I.L !

  4. greg sapronetti says:

    Im the gutarist vocalist for sector four and too bad our newer material never made vinyl. We added a lead gutarist (roy rogers) and went total hardcore. we WERE the fastest band in florida and were about to go on tour with DRI. Suhor then quit the band(hello?) never understood that one. Two months later DRI signed a 3 million record deal.

    • Donna Jean says:

      GREG! I am, as always, a fan. Would love to tomato/catch-up (har har). Still in Tally, and remember fun times with you and the band. SHARK VAN! affection, dj

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey Donna Jean–hope all is well with you and your life!! I’m about to be a daddy of four!! I have an 18 year old daughter (Maggie Jean) and identical one year old girls Alaina and Alexis and a son, Anthony, on the way!! How bout you girl? Take care cute dimpled girl!!

  5. greg sapronetti says:

    still play in seattle with new bands

  6. I would like to ask you a question : What about real sailing vacations, and sailing yachts ?

    Sail the land of ancient gods –

  7. Paul Suhor says:

    Hey cats.. cool comment at the top E.R. get the needles out of your arm. i’f i’m creepy you guru’d me at that. anyway. kick ass. we’re doing it again. crazy good recordings made in ’08 got some new musicians, playing all S-4 music, was going by the name 1984, now going back to SECTOR 4. hear remade S-4 music at: S A I L is our old alternative high school./ rock on kids.

  8. Patricia says:

    Paul has the biggest cock I’ve ever had, Harikrishna my ass

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