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Shattered Faith – I Love America 7″

One of the five first US punk rock 7inches I bought. I think Pagans-Dead End America was the first. Shattered Faith seems, at least to me, be one of those bands that was forgotten in the big O.C. boom with … Continue reading

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Sector Four – Disclexia E.P. 7″

Two great tracks out of five. This should’ve been a two tracker. Great cover of “Heartbreak Hotel” that was originally done by? Michael Jacksson? No it was something on E.. Eilert Pilarm maybe? From Hyped To Death:” pressed one EP … Continue reading

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Red Asphalt – R/A E.P. 7″

Info taken from: Asphalt was a San Francisco musical group, or “band”, which formed in 1978 and dissolved in 1982. Their first live performance took place at SF’s famous Deaf Club. They performed at venues such as Mabuhay Gardens, … Continue reading

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P45 – Right Direction 7″

Let it be known! I have a VERY soft spot for almost chessy powerpop. P45 is on the right side of chessines. If I recall it right this slab of viny was later released under the band name: Eyes. There’s … Continue reading

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Sozz – Law And Order 7″

Why, can’t I give you some tasty info on some of the bands posted here? Cause when searching Google with all kinds of different keywords absolutly nothing comes up except that they where on “Killed By Death Vol. 22”. From … Continue reading

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