The Damned – Neat Neat Neat

I might getting old. And I did grow up with this so maybe it’s just me that find this much more inspiring that most punk nowadays. Is it just nostalgia that pulls the right triggers when I watch this? I really hate to become that old wise guy that is moaning about the past beeing much better. What do you young kids think? This clip is from some show in 1977.

Neat Neat Neat

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  1. Mr Thrills says:

    I don’t like nostalgia, it’s laziness.

    There are a bunch of great new young punk bands out now, why would you wanna keep listening to the same old records you’ve been hearing for decades. I like to listen to old records all the time(I listened to the Electric Eels and Spacemen 3 today) but I just don’t like it when people shut themselves off from what is happening now.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    The problem is that I don’t keep listening to the same old record. There’s so much old stuff that I still haven’t heard and then I have to make a decision where to put the focus.

    I’m constantly on the search for new stuff too and some bands I care for: The Briefs(though they’ve lsot me after Hit After Hit), Catholic Boys, The Diffs, Career Suicide, Bruce Banner, The Minds, Futureheads, Saul Bass(not punk) and more.

  3. dylan says:

    i love nostalgia. i also happen to love the dammned. they put most band from their era and ours to SHAME.

    ORPHANS ; and some others i cant think of, because i dont have my records handy….. oh, and i dont care what you say, the queens of the stone age would blow most bands right off the stage….

  4. steve says:

    Trust me, I’ve checked: scientifically, the Damned etc were better than today’s bands. In tests, modern punk bands were found to be, on average, 63% less authentic. The results further show that the class of ’77 was 87% more exciting.
    And you can’t argue with science.

  5. James says:

    This is from the kiddie pop show “Supersonic”, I was only 9 years old when this was aired but I vaguely remember seeing it, would have been my first introduction to punk rock. All the “Supersonic” shows were heavily repeated on cable/satellite channel Granada Plus a few years back, the one with the Damned on it was the last ever show, pity because director Mike Mansfield wasn’t frightened to book new acts, an early show had Eddie & The Hot Rods, another had Chris Spedding & The Vibrators doing “Pogo Dancing” and “Motorbikin”.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for the input Steve! Always good have to have a scientific report to back up your arguments with.

    James, do you know anyone who’ve taped the shows?

  7. James says:

    I’ve got the Damned, Hot Rods and Spedding all taped, unfortunately I’ve no way of transfering at the moment, maybe I should get a video capture card and post some video on my blog.

  8. Mr Thrills says:

    There are quite a few bands around now as good as the Damned were.

    Fuckin old people…

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I guess most of us are all ears to let us know what bands you’re thinking about Mr thrills. I discovered The Briefs in the summer of 2002 loooong time before the kids here even heard of them. So beeing old may not be the problem here.

  10. squabbler says:

    it’s not your imagination, this is more exciting than punk today. how can it not be, we’re watching the very beginnings of a musical movement that was still completely fresh. i recently watched this clip too, and was blown away. partly because it is the source of a particularly great live shot of the damned from their “Best of” album which i’d always really liked and the energy their putting out in the actual video is exactly as i’d imagined it would be. now i’m old, just not old enough to have been a first wave punk. so for me, this isn’t exactly nostalgia. i saw them for the first time in ’83 after a steady diet of bad brains and the like for several years. they still managed to blow me away.

  11. dicky lombardo says:

    punk today is the mainstream of yesteryear. its just trying to mimmick a time that already happened. the younger generation dropped the ball all the way around, hip hop, punk, rock, etc….thank god i grew up in the 80s when we had to leave the house to get things done!

  12. Mr Thrills says:

    I have a friend who is 50, actually went to CBGB’s back in 76/77…hell he even saw the fuckin original Dolls lineup at the Mercer Center.

    He was there before “punk” even began, yet he manages to find bands today that excite him just as much as the old bands he saw back in the 70s.

    You guys remind of me of old guys who won’t listen to anything after 1966.

    It’s also real annoying when old “punks” at themselves on the back….”back in my day, we had to walk 5 miles in the snow up a hill to go see shows”..

  13. Le'Le' says:

    I can see where both sides are coming from. There ARE alot of exciting new bands comin’ around today. Some carry the true flag of what ‘it’s’ all about. But there’s also ALOT of bands that are crap and getting alot of press. You really cant compare alot of the newer bands to yesteryear’s though. They just wont have the staying power and in 10 years most people wont remember them. However, every once in a while a band whill come around and will change the scope of music and be considered to be unique and special and will leave a mark. And example of a more modern band like that would be like Operation Ivy. Remember that a site like KBD is doing you a great favor by showing you what it was all about soooo many years ago. At 34, i was old enough to see many great bands come and go, but also still too young to see or listen to the greater bands of the 70’s. Mr. Thrill, no one is saying there isnt anything exciting happening right now. Matter of fact, with the internet age, it’s great i can download a demo from a band in a country that’s light years away and share it with people. But, KBD is a sight that imposes history of obscure punk as well as classic. With today’s bands, 90% of them focus on image and clothing sponsors. Even the so called 4th generation 77 stype pogo punx. Now, Im not knockin’ em. But so few of ’em have ‘it’ in there hearts. You know what i’m talkin’ about. ‘It’ is what the Damned sung about in the song Noise, Noise, Noise. Alot of the bands that KBD are posting are bands that knew what ‘IT’ was about. Very few bands today don’t. Granted there are still that few that do. No need to get so frustrated Thrills. Enjoy the Noise.

  14. Yes! “Live on TV” are usually the most enjoyable stuff to watch when it comes to music on video. This one blows my mind. Some active bands that I like a lot both on record and live are: The Suspicions, Tokyo Electron, Reatards, Intelligence, Angry Angles, Marked Men, MOTO, Fe Fi Fo Fums and The Black Lips.

  15. Vanian says:

    Name one band around now as good as The Damned?

    There isn’t one – fact.

    All this modern ‘punk’ says nothing new and sounds nothing new. All stuck in the leather bristles studs and acne of 1977 – so give me the originals any day.


    A fucking old codger

  16. Well i don´t really care if the bands are new or old as long as they´re fuckin´ great. My punkrock heart belongs to the 70´s but i´m eager to descover new bands…but then again…the new bands i do like are the ones who reminds me of the old bands without sounding like ripoffs…blahblahblah i´m drunk

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