Maggot Sandwich – Dead To My World E.P. 7″

maggot_sandwich.jpgThis killer punk rock 7inch has one of the ugliest cover in my whole collection. Long time since I spinned it but knew I’ve always liked it. I put it on and in seconds I realise I had to record it and post all the tracks here. If this had been released in lets say 1982 it would’ve been talked about alot. A perfect combination of mid tempo snotty punk rock and hardcore. “Vik formed his own label, KML Records and released “Dead To My World” , a great 7″ in 1985. Five hundred copies were made in a single pressing. The band never re-pressed the record because they thought it was crap.”.
Country: USA
Year: 1985
Label: KML
Format: 7″
Dead To My World.mp3
You’re A Bum.mp3
Gut Bomb.mp3
Abortion Debate.mp3
Everything I Touch.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Maggot Sandwich – Dead To My World E.P. 7″

  1. johnny says:

    good record never heard of them

  2. Season says:


    I know Vik Kaos personally. He and his son have formed a new group called Immaculate Deception (industrial rock) and recently did a tribute to Maggot Sandwich at a 20th Anniversary show in Pensacola, FL where Maggot Sandwich originated. He is a spectacular performer.

  3. Doc Cheese says:

    Abortion Debate is one of my all time favorites.

  4. Renik says:

    What an excellent 7-inch. Nice and snotty sounding. I almost like this one more than their “Get Off The Stage” LP.

  5. Too bad the 2nd 7″ sucked so bad. This one is one of my Florida faves.

  6. Keith in Titusville says:

    First heard MS on the BCT cassette titled CAR CRASH MUSIC. Played it til it broke, spliced it back together and played it even more. “Dead to My World” is classic. “Get Off The Stage was ok, too.

  7. tony says:

    One of Floridas best kept hardcore secrets! I had the honor of seeing Maggot Sandwich play about 30 or so times. I personally liked the “Suckcess Pool” 7″ better, not to say I dont love this one. I am hoping to maybe release all the MS material from the 1980’s on cd with Mikes permission.

  8. h.b. disaster says:

    sucksess pool was a great 7″. dont know how anyone could ever say it sucked…would love to see a reunion though i know the possibilities are slim………

  9. ScotchTape says:

    My Florida is one the best punk songs of the 1980’s, certainly the best punk song to come out of Florida. Love me some Maggot Sandwich!!

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