The Media – No Darling… E.P. 7″

media_nodarling.jpgI feel a little bit embaressed when posting UK punk/powerpop ’cause my knowledge is nothing compared to Steves over at the Low Down Kids blog. So I just whish I had Steve writing this instead. The Media is a recent discovery for me and this puppy has two great tracks and two really sucky ones. Dizzy at Detour Records have a page about the band: The Media.


Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Tearaway
Format: 7″
T.V. Kids.mp3
Don’t Sit Back
Getting High.mp3
Rose And Crown

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  1. steve says:

    No embarrassment necessary, cos posting this stuff is doing a good job!

    The Media had a second single, mostly thought of as a mod thing, but the band bloke wot I spoke with says it was a joke and that they were in no way mods or even mod-ish. Good record though!

  2. Pogel says:

    Too poppy for me but FYI a copy of this is for sale on ebay right now.

  3. Ed says:

    I found this for a couple of quid years ago, but had to sell it – I seem to remember “Rose And Crown” was actually a great track, but maybe memory deceives me? Can you post so I can check it out? Nice one!

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hi Ed!
    Time for a repost of this one. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Hi Peter,

    The Low Down Kids blog recently posted the track “Rose and Crown” from this EP but I am still missing one track- “Don’t Sit Back”. No matter how crummy it may be I am curious to hear it- please find it in your heart to repost it! Thanks.

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