The Statics – Rebel Like Me E.P. 7″

statics_rebel.jpgObscure trio from Canada that recorded the titel track and the second track to be included on a compilation called “Missussauga Live”. The Statics where the only punk act on that comp. Canadas Ugly Pop Records released these two tracks and a third one on a 7inch in 2001. “Rebel Like Me” is the only great song. And what a song it is. The second one is bad rock n roll and the third is poor heavy metal. “…the struggle to bring punk rock to Mississauga was an uphill battle all the the way, and in late summer/early fall of 1981 The Statics packed it in. Mississauga’s lone punk rock sons were no more.”
Country: Canada
Year: 1980
Ugly Pop / Squelchtone
Format: 7″
Rebel Like Me.mp3
Mr. Bill
The Story

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19,170 Responses to The Statics – Rebel Like Me E.P. 7″

  1. dylan says:

    this record is awesome, and…….that is the most potent canadian accent i think ive ever heard committed to vinyl…

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I was actually wondering about the accent Dylan! I thought he was trying to sound a bit too “British Punk”. But thanks for clearing this up.

  3. Justine Johnson says:

    Wow. Ross Johnson (drummer) is my father. They would have been really big if they stuck with it.

  4. Johan says:

    I think the vocalist sounds a bit like gg allin, when gg still did good songs.

  5. Renik says:

    This band is the shit. I deffinately wouldn’t mind hearing those other songs. That one song is catchy as fuck.

  6. Ross johnson says:

    Its nice to hear somebody likes what we did way back when

  7. Dean Stillie (guitar) says:

    It was fun. I wish I did stick it out longer, but there are alot more songs in the collection, But I don’t have access to them. Anyone out them with them recorded needs to put them up!

  8. Dean Stillie says:

    I have a few more songs . I’ve sent them to should get some air time sunday nights 10 til midnight

  9. James Edgar says:

    Awesome times . Awesome band. RIP Mike.

  10. Chano says:

    Holy shit! How did i miss this? One the best punk rock songs i’ve ever heard. I agree with the GG Allin comparison…

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