The Jags – Back Of My Hand

Hands down this is one of the best powerpop songs ever written. The Jags on Top Of The Pops in 1979.

Back Of My Hand

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  1. hank katzen says:

    please repost the back of my hand video (or the mp3) or I’m going to eat all of these bananas. Yep all of them … I’d thank you properly but I’m in Guatemala right now and it’s different here.

  2. Harry says:

    I agree that “Back of My Hand” is one of the strongest/best songs of the late 70’s and early 80’s. I am surprised that while it hit the charts in the UK, it did not get that much playing time here in the States — not as much as it deserved, in my opinion.

  3. Richard says:

    Wow, I have a looooong time since last time I press play and started that great song, maybe last time was in 1997 at my 17 years old…what a great surprise to find this song on this website…and well, absolutely I agree with you guys…this is a killeeeeeer song and the best powerpop song ever.
    Cheers from Costa Rica.

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