Silly Killers – Knife Manul E.P. 7″

silly_killers.jpg“Killed By Death Vol. 12” has “Knife Manual” but “Social Bitch” is the killer track! From Hyped 2 Death: “TheSilly Killers were the last of three terrific punk bands on the excellent No Threes label to share a drummer named Duff McKagan. His later career in Guns’n’Roses probably kept more punks from checking out “Knife Manual” than it attracted Leader Chris “Slats” Harvey now helms a band called Pain Cocktail.” All tracks goes out to Brian from Portland who lost his whole collection and this is one of his requests.
Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: No Threes
Format: 7″
Not That Time Again.mp3
Knife Manual.mp3
Social Bitch.mp3
Sissie Faggots.mp3

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  1. Leffe says:

    I already heard the ‘Knife Manual’ track.Always wanted to hear the rest of the 7″.Thanks for posting it complete.

  2. Harry says:

    There’s an additional track on the “Winners & Losers” comp…not sure where the fuck it came from?…”Seattle Syndrome” Vol 2.? The song is called “Nothing To Say”…and needless to say…it rocks! Anybody know?

    • Slick says:

      There were three songs recorded that day. ‘Nothing to Say’ – the bass player’s song: ‘Big Machine’ – Slat’s song: and a cover of the Slaughter and the Dogs song ‘The Bitch’. Too bad there’s no recording of those.

  3. dylan says:

    two others on the no threes label were the CHEATERS and the VAINS, and beyond that i dont know anything. are there any other ripping 45s on no threes??? (sorry, no answers…just more questions….) (why havent all these records been reissued??) ……….

  4. English Paul says:

    I think there was a boot 7″ a while back with the Silly Killers, Vains and The Fastbacks. No Threes was run by Kurt Bloch of The Fastbacks. Occasionally see Slatz of the Silly Killers around Seattle at shows – he looks like something outta the Heartbreakers/NYD….

  5. Harry says:

    I’ve got the boot you’re talking about…got one copy about 8 years ago w/ Guns ‘N Roses sleeve, but since traded it. The copy I have now, has Silly Killers sleeve on one side and Vains on the other…

  6. Justin says:

    There’s a great article on them at (that I wrote) and to answer dylan’s question, The Accident – Kill The Bee Gees 7″ was also released on No Threes. As a matter of fact, it was the first record released by the label.

  7. Borat says:

    …. and the best.

  8. As someone who grew up in the early Seattle scene, this is brought back so many fantastic memories! One of the very first records of a local band I ever purchased in the day…

  9. Haizman_Brain says:

    There was a guy from my High School in Gig Harbor who spent some time in the Silly Killers (I think his name was Tom…it’s been a while). Social Bitch is the track on this one for sure.

    Harold Hollingsworth – I remember you but can’t remember from where? Did you used to skate back then? Did you know the Gleza’s?


  10. cracksore says:

    i don’t see why no one has praised no that time agian, that’s the best song on that wax

  11. Steven Gowell says:

    I was the original drummer in Silly Killers. My name was at the time, Tim Gowell. I am the guy on the far left of the picture on the back of the 45. The guy who looks like he’s about to get beat up by Eddie, I loved being in that band. Duff was a great friend and eventually did play in the band towards the end. He hung out with the Fastbacks who shared a house with Gary of the SillyKillers. We all practiced in the basement. Duff was really into Rockabilly at the time and I remember seeing him often at the house, He was always so cool, I’m happy for all his success with GNR. We had a great time playing rowdy show all over the place, My favorite was when we played with DOA in Vancouver to a packed house, Eddie didn’t show up so we had to go on w/out him, Gary, the bass player at the time had to sing and play bass. Eddie showed up at the end with Duff (they were quite drunk!) Gary pounded Eddie for that one, He never missed show after that! I got my car towed the next day to a little wrecking yard in vancouvers China town! What a ride thet band was. I would love to get together and play some shows again!

  12. Steven Gowell says:

    Another favorite show for me was when we rented St. Josephs ( a good catholic school) on Capital Hill in Seattle, My mom showed up with a fur coat that everyone just about fell over themselves to gawk at her, right before the cops busted up the show for too much “reckless behavior” and potential for violence- Oh yeah, maybe the kegs had something to do with it, The next day we had to clean the place to get our 500.oo damage dep. back! A great show! They never knew what was coming to the place!

    • Slick says:

      In retrospect – that was a really hilarious night. I can’t believe those Catholics rented that place for the show. Your comment about Eddie and the show in Vancover is funny as hell. If I remember right – that Gary guy told the audience that Eddie was killed in a car wreck on the way up from Seattle. Hey – by the way, you were a really good drummer. I heard that from that Gary guy, who appears to still be alive. How Chris (sorry, I mean Slats) is still alive is a freakin miracle

      • Steven (Tim) Gowell says:

        I don’t remember what Gary said at the Vancouver show. I do know that he was really Pissed! We had a great time though. Thanks for keepin the dream alive! If you hear from Gary or any of the others, please let me know.
        Steven “Tim” Gowell

        • Mark 'Big Air' Regimbal says:

          Yo, ‘Tim’! What up with the name change? Mark Regimbal here. Me an’ Gerry Smith say Hi. We’ve been jammin’ on Cap Hill recently – you should come by. Its been way too long. For some reason, I thought about Slats and Trash last night, and decided to check U-tube for you guys. RIP Slats…he was in my class at Garfield HS.

          Yeah, I was at that St. Joe’s show. What a hoot! The school principal was there trying to yell at a guy jumping up and down non-stop. My friend Jon got his shirt ripped off by a girl he was standing too close to (bumping into), and she flung him into the pit.

  13. Jacob says:

    yes yes yes this is great, thanx

  14. siggy says:

    Slats has had an ad up in singles going steady for a copy of this 7″ forever. If anyone has a copy, they should try and get in contact with him. He said he’d pay for it. Its a bummer that one of the orginal members doesn’t even have a copy.

  15. RevolutionaryBum says:

    I first heard the demo of this at Duff’s Mom’s house and loved it instantly and had him dupe me a copy. Eddie’s voice is what caught me first off cause no one sounded anything like it as far as punk was concerned (or I just hadn’t heard yet) Great band !!! I’d put it on my top 5 all time fave Seattle bands list no problem. If any of the previous comments check back I just wanna say Hi to Tim and Harold… I have an original copy… maybe i’ll give it to Slats ??? C Ya… Paul Solger ///

  16. toki wartooth says:

    this is good stuffs i like.

  17. Dan 10Things says:

    Sadly Slats just died this past weekend.

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Dan 10Thinngs, you apparently didn’t read the latest post about “hot linking”? You can NOT link directly to mp3s on this blog. Your visitors will get a 404 Error.

  19. dan10things says:

    Woops, I didn’t. I can host ’em.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Which means people have to put links directly to the post of the record instead of mp3s. Fair right?

  20. Qingdai says:

    Holy crap. I thought I’d dreamt this, glad to finally find it after 25 years.

  21. Johnny Dread says:

    I have this album my Dad found it at the thtiftstore. He bought it cause he saw the name Slats on it and thought it might be the Slats I was currently in a band with. Its signed by Tim made out to Barb.

  22. Trina says:

    I just read yesterday, in the Stranger’s note to Amanda Knox, that Slats died. That’s very sad. I hadn’t seen him for decades. You remember me, Steven, from Summit? I think I’m around four years younger, the Who fanatic.
    It’s nice to seel Paul Solger’s name, you’ll remember me from my mom, Jan, and we lived in Renee and Raylene’s house by the zoo. As someone a little younger, you guys were all something else. I was kinda starstruck before there was Guns N Roses or Mother Love Bone, and it was so sweet to see how much you all respected my mom. We had 10 minute warning playing in the basement, who were just the best, and sometimes the Fartz. Who was the guy with the supertall mohawk and contacts that hung out with Slats or Paul, maybe Kim, too? Carl, right?
    I hope for the most part life has treated you all well and that all that partying hard hasn’t shortened your lives. My mom died 4 years ago from lung cancer, so it got to her. : (

  23. Lee de Parade says:

    I don’t wanna be a bitch, but I’d love a better scan of the cover. I love this 45.

  24. Lee de Parade says:

    Oh, and thanks (again) for this fantastic place you have created. I come back here over and over again.
    Consider me one of those who haven’t heard all the ‘classics’ yet, so don’t be shy to post stuff that is beginners material.

  25. Lee de Parade says:

    This is azum, one of my faves!

    If you ever get around to it, I’d really love some updated scans.

    Puss & Kram

  26. Johnny dread says:

    Steven “Tim” Gowell get in contact with me I want to do a Slats tribute cd with original band members of his bands. I played drums with him in the band Pain Cocktail.

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