Pointed Sticks – Out Of Luck E.P. 7″

pointed_sticks_outstiff.jpgOddly enough this seems to be the hardest of all the official Pointed Stick 7inches to get hold of. Odd since it’s released on Stiff Records. “Out Of Luck” and “Somebody’s Mom” is actually better then the versions on the Quintessence releases. The “original” version of “Sombody’s Mom” can be found in an earlier post.


Country: Canada
Year: 1979
Label: Stiff
Format: 7″
Out Of Luck.mp3
What Do You Want Me To Do.mp3
Somebody’s Mom.mp3

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  1. James says:

    Bastard! I was gonna do this! oh well, if you’re not fast you’re last! …This is my favourite version of “Out Of Luck” too, then again everything this band done rules, there’s another version of “Out Of Luck” on the excellent “Perfect Youth” LP which is even poppier. Of course this should’ve been all over the radio and a massive hit, but wasn’t, why?

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I was very dissapointed when I heard the LP. A bit too weak and slick on the production side.

    But I agree that it’s strange that the Stiff release didn’t get alot of air play! And after watching the “Lies” video it get’s even more confusing.

  3. James says:

    Peter, give the LP a 2nd chance, it took me a few spins to appreciate it, it’s a great pop record. There’s a new CD comp due soon “Waiting On The Real Thing” on Sudden Death who re-issued “Perfect Youth” last year, 1978/79 material, 20+ tracks including the 3 Quintessence singles and comp/demo tracks some of which wasn’t on the now deleted “Part Of The Noise” CD.

  4. Anna says:

    Definitely love this, thanks for posting!

  5. pawel from poland says:

    this is it!

  6. killedbycandis says:

    It’s still pretty good though, thank you Sudden Death for the Young Canadians, Modernettes, Vancouver Complication, and Pointed Sticks re-issues!

  7. Le'Le' says:

    I really enjoyed the first 7″ version of these songs. These cleaned up versions sound just like that: cleaned up. However, ya gotta love that A side. Does anyone know if any bands covered “what do you want me to do?”? i coulds sworn i heard it some where else.

    PS. I am new to this site, but trully appreciate all the effort and love you put into it. Having been invloved in the punk scene for the last 18 years or so (in my teens now in my early 30’s), it’s great to hear some of the bands i read so much about. thanks again.

  8. cJc says:

    The Smugglers from Vancouver BC covered “what do you want me to do?” on their live LP. Pointed Sticks rule!

  9. Simon says:

    Aaaargh, I’m sorry, but you are officially on glue. The original version of “Out of luck” is one of the three greatest Canadian punk songs ever (all Vancouver: Subhumans “Firing squad” and DOA “Whatcha gonna do” are the others), but this version is just pleasant pop song that lacks that little extra bit of grit that makes a pop punk song great. Fine if you’ve never heard the original, but not even close to as good.

    That said, I saw the band play a reunion show here in Vancouver a few months back, and it was fantastic. Much better than they have any right to be in 2007. Now go buy the Sudden Death LPs!

  10. Hairy Palm says:

    Have you heard the demos posted at “O Canadarm”? Completely amazing. Much better than the singles. From now, one of my favorites bands ever.

  11. Jangly Mark says:

    Great song, but, shite version.
    This is WAY WAY WAY over-produced. I’ve been after this since I heard John Peel play it in 1991, and didn’t know there were 2 versions.

    Is the original? version up anywhere? I believe it came out on Quintessence Records.

    If anyone has seen it blogged, please email me…

    janglymark AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

  12. Nick says:

    Jangly Mark…the original “Out Of Luck” is available,along with the other 2 Quintessence singles,on the Sudden Death compilation “Waiting For The Real Thing”.And thanks Simon,for the thumbs up.We really can’t play live often,work and family commitments,but we do have an album of all new original material that will be out in June.And,to quote Simon,its much,much better than we have any right to be in 2009.Call it unfinished business….

  13. Jackson MacDonald says:

    man somebody’s mom is a killer track, a bit devo-ish

  14. Pointed Sticks were one of the best bands I saw during that era. My memory is shot so guessing it was at the Whisky.

  15. Hectorvadair says:

    Heyyyy !
    Thanks a lot for these.
    I just watched “Out of the blue” Hopper” film recently, and have adored the Pointed sticks gig.

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