Pekinska Patka – Biti ruzan, pametan i mlad 7″

pekinskapatka_mlad.jpgThe second 7inch from one of Europes best punk bands. Keep your eyes open for an upcoming post of a legendary Pekinska gig filmed in a super market.






Country: Yugoslavia
Year: 1979
Label: Jugoton
Format: 7″
Biti ruzan, pametan i mlad.mp3
Bela sljiva.mp3

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  1. Harry says:

    Filmed in a super market!…Awesome!

    Until then…here’s a link to a Pekinska Patka video i posted on Youtube

  2. dylan says:

    this is a great record. to me (being from LA) everything about this record is SO forigen, from the words i dont understand, to the weird guitar sounds, to the strange production, I LOVE IT!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the few band who has been active since Japanese techno pop boom (called as the great three of Techno Pop along with Hikasu and Plastics) in the end of 70’s. Their origin is Mandrake, a King Crimson-like Progressive Rock band and the combination of Hirasawa and Tanaka released the album as pre-P-MODEL. Their first album was produced by Sakuma in Plastics. Their sound was speedy and distinctive. Their outfit was quite techno reflecting the techno years. In 1994, they made revision and all except Hirasawa changed.

  4. pawel says:

    an0nymous wrote rubbish
    history of pekinska patka is written on their ”demo”ep

  5. pedja says:

    anonymous’ post is nonsense..pekinska patka was band from novi sad,serbia,yugoslavia.they put out  Biti ružan, pametan i mlad 7″  (Jugoton 1979), Bolje da nosim kratku kosu 7″ (Jugoton 1980),  Bila je tako lijepa 7″ (Jugoton 1981),Plitka poezija LP (Jugoton 1980),Strah od monotonije LP (Jugoton 1981).singer was school professor,today lives and works in canada.guitarist srdjan left band to form “kontra-ritam” ska band.album “strah on monotonije” (fear of monotony) is masterpiece,different then other’s more in synth/gothic/dark type of thing.excellent!
    pekinska patka was/is only one of million great punk/hc/crust band that existed/exist in former yugoslavia.

  6. yeah, the history of the band is written on the ‘demo1979’ ep.
    what an awesome band!!!
    all of P.Patka was recently re-issued on a CD, for the first time off the original tapes, minus this first single… apparently, next pressing will have a bonus DVD with the performance from the shop window. hopefully with some other clips (I’ve seen at least another 5 in my lifetime).

  7. Dr.PoP says:

    Pekinska patka je najbolja punk grupa na prostoru bivse Yugoslavije.Ako je ko otvorio put punk i rock muzici onda je za to zasluzna patka.Posle patke se pokrenuo novi val(new wave).Eto samo da se zna ko je i sta je pekinska patka!S postovanjem Lazar…

  8. Lorenzo(IT) says:

    Pankrti was first right punk bend from ex-YU(’77) Theirs poesi was colossal genuine. They was very inteligent and braves and was first anti-regime bend.
    Pekinska Patka was punk first 2 years.
    Musik is great but they was as jumping-jacks…but i like them

  9. v says:

    pedja are u pedja b. who used to live in novi sad?
    and in cssr?

  10. jamie says:

    Go to, the website of bassist Bale, and he has psoted several Pekinska Patka videos.

  11. dr.punkenstain says:

    …yes,P.Patka rules and probably was the best known punk band from eastern part of europe…and also too bad that nobody posted some unheard songs or different versions …others was great too:PARAF,PROBLEMI,PANKRTI…and just one great thing will be happen at the end of the year:the original Paraf and Termiti play live…i’m hardly waiting…

  12. Anonymous says:


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