lewdsnot, zoloft_anaconda terrific in 20 years time

I just want to show you all the silly behaviour of Guy Robert Archambue aka Rob Noxious(presented himslef as Kevin to me) and known as lewdsnot and zoloft_anaconda at eBay. I blocked him as a bidder on my recent auctions cause as lewdsnot he’s only purpose is to keep the prices up.

Here’s “lewdsnot” doing a bid war on Lost Kids – Cola Freaks to raise the price:

And here he acts as zoloft_anaconda(he’ve befriended a real person Fahad Nabhan to use his name and Paypal activities):
Buy Lost Kids for $199.99

Dirty behaviour indeed!

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  1. Pogel says:

    Has ebay been informed of this?

  2. dylan says:

    Rob has been ripping people off log before ebay. i grew up not 10 miles from him and would see him at the record shows. he has never ripped me off, but then i have been dealing with him in person. i would say that he and others (ingo, aa, ect.) are SINGLEHANDEDLY

  3. dylan says:

    TO BLAME for the outrageous prices we are paying for these records. and to a lesser extent, supply and demand.

  4. ken helwig says:

    rob noxious of the fuck ups?

  5. Benjamin says:

    That’s how EBAY works Guys! If you don’t want to spend $200+ dollars on a record then don’t. Buy crappy bootlegs and legit reissues like the rest of us. I believe that anyone who lists a record on EBAY is doing so with the intention of getting the most cash possible for it. So if you don’t like the fact that someone is getting others to pay the top dollar that they have already agreed to pay when they entered their bid go cry to mommy!

  6. marc says:

    I know this guy (Rob) allready for years,used to come a lot to Netherlands also I visited him once in Huntington beach long ago.
    this guy probaly doesn’t even know who he is anymore”Tony from Hawai”he once called himself also.
    Nobody wants him anymore overhere,there are so much stories about him stealing records etc.
    I didn’t really get ripped off myself,altough he traded me some misfits ep’s who weren’t really mint as promised.But the guy is so weird,always looking for free food from you,sleeping place at your house,but never wants to spend a$.

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Benjamin, I think we all know how eBay works. But don’t we all want know that its a somewhat sincere and decent person we’re dealing with? I do! And I’ll do everything to spread the word about Robs behaviour. He don’t have ANYTHING in this business to do what so ever.

  8. dylan says:

    ben- i think youre missing the point here….

  9. Joe says:

    Benjamin, youre goddamn right.

    The nature of the auction is for the seller to extract as much consumer surplus from the buyer as possible. If a record is worth $80 to someone, they will spend that amount regardless.

    Besides, how do you know that this Rob guy simply wasn’t raising the price in order to weed out others who werent willing to spend that much?

    All of you sanctimonious, wanna-be purists are misdirecting your frustration.

  10. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    How I know Rob wasn’t raising the price to weed out others? I’ve studied his behaviour for a long time and it’s well known patern.

    Frustration? Well he ripped me off for about $1000.00 and I’m not the only one. Do that lead me to be a wanna-be purist? Ha ha ha. You’re simple rethoric dosen’t work in my opnion.

    “If a record is worth $80 to someone, they will spend that amount regardless.” sure if the buyer has ALL the information he needs which isn’t mostly the case.

  11. jason says:

    if the seller wants a certain amount for that record thats what it should start at …..just because its worth that doesnt mean it should go for that much ..i see record prices fluctuate all the time…there is no set price …if the seller is bidding on his own shit hes upping the price ..if the seller sells his shit corectly the buyer may get it for a bit cheaper…just because someone is willing to pay that much doesnt make it all right to do that to them….the seller should start the auction at what he wants for it….you dont see auction houses doing that sort of thing ….ever hear about that guy from antiques road show who appraised a gun for a rediculous amount..it was later found out that it was his own gun a friend brought to the show….they did that so he could get more for it…..they fired his ass and stripped him of his auction licence …why cause its dishonest…..sucks enough punk records are worth so much as it is …half the time their isnt even a bootleg for that record…and sometimes the frigin bootleg is just as much..(hubble bubble) for example …see how much ya pay for a repress of that….hey anyone know of a repress of da slyme, or zyklome a- made in belgium lp…..benjamin is obviously a newcommer to the realm of kbd..an amateur…..doesnt seem to know very much about kbd or ethics…..are you a punk benjamin….or a buisnessman…you sound like ya wear a tie ….

  12. Joe says:

    Point taken, Drummer. I still don’t agree with you, but I’m curious as to how he ripped you off for $1000.

  13. Friend2Rob says:

    You didn’t get ripped off for $1000 bucks, you’re making that up. Leave Rob alone. You’re no better since you’re in cohoots with Johnny Christiansen taking advantage of record collectors. There’s no getting around it and you know what I’m talking about. How’s your buddy Vom Doom doing?

    Hi Guy Robert Archambue! Nice of you to visit this site. Johnny Christiansen? Who’s that? Vom Doom? Seriously Rob, pay your dues. You have no friends and everybody knows it.

  14. jason says:

    you fuckin people are too much ..these are punk records….its like a corporate takeover with with you people ….backstabbing,swindling,bidding wars,alliances…..the whole fuckin point of punk was to bring you people together ..not rip each other off and then get political about….you guys should just shut up and put a good record on …..collector scum is right

  15. james says:

    no, your wrong Guy robert is a rip off. I know he traded and sold to me many records and if you were not carefull he would try to pass a boot or warped record on you as mint and original. also he does bid up prices for the sake of driving up prices. Like being a shill bidder. I finally had to cut ties with him when he screwed me on a ebay purchase. If your his friend you must feed, drive and listen to his drivel. what a character. good luck. Yes I have also gotten the best of that great punk asset to collecting. by the way tell guy robert not to impersonate me anymore.

  16. mikael says:

    Flake, maybe this fella is a crook, but the Vacant-Lot guy posted his top bid BEFORE lewdsnot, so his (Lewdsnot) bids were useless anyway. The Vacant Lot guy has sat a max price of free choice, and has no one to blame but himself if the put it too high. PLUS there’s a guy who’s posted higher bid than lewdsnot too.
    Vacat Lots top bid was Jun-08-06 08:47:01 PDT
    Lewdsnots last Jun-08-06 13:04:05 PDT

    PS. You’re really paranoid w/this guy. Flake. You claimed on the KBD list that Lewdsnot had logged in on your account from your personal compute (!?) (on the other side of the world…)

  17. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Mikael, I don’t know if you’re a friend of Guy Robert or if your understanding of the english language isn’t that good. I’ve asked you to email me regarding all questions about Rob. But you’ve refused. I know you’re living in Torslanda by the way. You haven’t grasped the most elemantary: HE WAS AT MY HOME. Get it? Heard of keyloggers?

    And sorry to say but your reasoning about the bidding is just hilarious. Seriously! Do you believe in what you’re writing?

    And if I’m sooo paranoid how come I’m ALWAYS right in all my accusations regarding Rob?

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    And I’ve NEVER claimed he logged in at my accont. What he did was that from my home PC he logged in as “lewdsnot” and “zoloft_anaconda” using Mozilla Firefox and when using IE(which isn’t my default browser but somehow the little thing figured out how to click the IE icon in the task bar) he logged in on the “zoloft_anaconda” account. Mikael, you seem to be blind to other peoples encounters with Guy Robert Archambue. Did you read the other persons posting here? Do you want to know which email accounts he used to log in to from MY HOME PC?? <---NOTE! When he was at my home. I even took him to a rehearsel with my band which he wasn't too comfortable with. Hmm wonder why.

  19. Friend2Rob says:


    Ehh what kind of virus? The picture of me ;)?

  20. Friend2Rob says:

    No! My asshole!!!

  21. Laika says:

    zzzz Friendd2Rob you’re such bore. You remind me of NiteOwl. Low IQ and no sense of humour.

  22. Friend2Rob says:

    You remind me of a Finnish faggot I rolled in Hollywood back in ’83!

  23. Laika says:

    You’re too funny Friend2Rob! You win :)! Live and prosper with your sincere and honest friend har har.

  24. killedbycandis says:

    ….HE’S BACK!!!!!
    Wow, Friend2Rob why didn’t you just go with RobertNabhan of FahadNoxious as your alias. Seriously what the fuck is your malfunction? Do you lie awake at night pissed off knowing that you arent’t king record collector or that you just can’t find that test press of the “Communist Radio” 7″?? Seriously do everyone who truly loves punk a favor and DROP FUCKING DEAD! Hey Flakes, keep up the good work!

  25. Friend2Rob says:

    Do you have any idea what you’re saying? U nimrod!

  26. chriso says:

    On e-bay LEWD SNOT is a low baller.If you know e-bay from a seller standpoint the only thing i worry about is non paying bidder’s and dirtbags
    claiming condition damage of item. when i sell i start bidding out higher a little above fair value
    because i have held on to a lot of it since 1979.
    sentimental value has its place in the scheme of things.I expect buyers (bidders’) to dig deep for these rare records and collectables…don’t bid.
    lewd/ana is a little fish a bottom feeder.
    i know some excellent buyers from e-bay and all of it is mainly done off-line…:)
    e-bayer is a let it ride deal…
    it is all about a starting bid one feels comfortable with.
    as a buyer i set a limit and that’s it…
    the music is more important and you can find the music free!

  27. chriso says:

    sorry for type-o’s going to work….

  28. killedbycandis says:

    It may have come out a little discombobulated ( I admit it, I was stoned), but my point is simple: Why try to fuck over people who share the same hobby/passion as you? We all share the same love of punk records and most (some?) of the people into collecting punk records don’t automatically try to trick others into bad trades or outright rip them off. Seriously, besides Rob who else has a reputation this bad?! Shit talking and rumors in the punk scene are par for the course, but come the fuck on, who else has ever had such a horrible reputation follow them everywhere and be substanciated by numerous reliable people. Also, why don’t you just admit that it’s you, because friend2rob reads like an oxymoron to this nimrod.

  29. Friend2Rob says:

    There is no proof to Lewdsnot ripping people off, it’s all heresy. Check Lewd’s feedback rating on ebay and you can check Zoloft’s as well and all you’re going to see is positives. Why do you all think Lewdsnot is one person, it’s not. It’s a group of record collectors who buy and sell. Lewdsnot hardly wins auctions, they’re always outbidded. Futhermore, Lewdsnot never jacks up the price, if you would check you would see they don’t bid much. Rob was the original avid record collector and then he started a group of people to help him buy and sell records. Again, Lewdsnot is not solo, it is an operation.

  30. scott says:

    Yeah, it’s Rob and all his schitzophrenic personalities…..

  31. Laika says:

    Ha ha lewdsnot is Guy Robert Archambue one and only. Everybody in the scene knows it and it’s just embaressing for him.

  32. Laika says:

    And lewdsnot has turned down his bidding wars just recently thanks to the Flakes guys tedious work. If you search on Google for “lewdsnot” you’ll find Henry Yus article from MRR about Rob. Stop ripping people off and clear things up with the guy here. You’ll loose and he’ll win. You’ve been outsmarted Rob!

  33. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Friend2Rob, shall I tell you a little secret?

  34. wedge says:

    funny stuff…i once checked Lewdsnots feedback profile when he bid on a record of mine a couple years ago…interesting to find he had bought a bunch of high-school year books from the 1960’s in with all his punk records…is this where he gets all his “names” & “identities” from???

    if your reading this, rob- you STILL owe me a record for the TEACHERS PET 45 i sent you cos you were “dying to hear it” & you promised to send some random 45 from your trade pile,NO PROBLEM, in exchange; which im still waiting for over 10 years later…you even called me when you got the 45 to make sure i didnt want aything specific cos you really liked it…im still waiting…

  35. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Mikael from Torsland you visited the site today and so was Friend2Rob and both of them is speachless. Friend2Rob dosen’t even want to know my little secret. Strange ;).

  36. jay says:

    post some big balls and the great white idiot….later stuff like the 3rd lp ………cant find any oftheir stuff besides the first lp anywhere…….not even any info about the band…at least thats in english

  37. The Flakes // Drummer says:


  38. Niteowl aka Friend2Rob says:

    Hey Flakes! Since you hacked my computer to find out if was really Lewdsnot, why don’t you explain who you are. I know you’re the one who was on the kbd yahoo group exposing Lewdsnot and putting out all those posts with his photo and all. I’m sure you know who I am from that group. I guess it’s all coming together, eh?
    Btw, to the rest of you who thought I was Lewdsnot, you’re a bunch of fools!
    Why don’t you morons drop Rob an email and hear his side, instead of jumping to conclusions. He will reply.

  39. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    No I don’t know who you are dear Adam Wilson. You didn’t reply the group when there was a discussion about selling bootleg CDRs and your name was mentioned how come?

    Shall I put up all Robs emails along with the photo of him here so people can email him? That’s not a problem since I would gladly do that. I’ve tried to get Rob to pay his dues but he refuses. And Adam, you seem to be completly blind to other peoples encounters with Rob.

    Come on Adam you have NO arguments just bad words to spit out. Who’ll believe you?

    Here’s Henry Yus article from MRR about Rob:
    Look for the headline “Tasty Treats”

  40. Niteowl aka Friend2Rob says:

    Yeah, I didn’t reply to the group on that discussion cuz I didn’t want to give up my identity. I don’t think you know this but confidentiality applies everywhere and you really get off on breaking it, I.E. Lewdsnot and me! I’m pretty sure you’ll find out who I am on that yahoo group since you are a computer hacker.

  41. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Well I’m not a hacker. You just need some computer skills. I’m a graphic designer but get a little bit flatered when you think I’m a hacker. And lucky for all of us your real names have been revealed. Thiefs like you need to be exposed and taken out of business. It’s very very simpel: I’m on the good side and you’re on the bad side.

  42. Niteowl aka Friend2Rob says:

    Don’t worry computer hacker, I haven’t downloaded anything on this blog cuz the stuff you put on is garbage!

  43. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ehhh you haven’t ha ha. What about your wining about Buttocks ;). I know what you’ve downloaded and not so please don’t lie. It’s easily traceable. So you seem to love pretty much of the so-called garbage available here.

  44. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    And your name in the KBD Yahoo group is Marc Rusch: polysub@yahoo.com. Rancho Mirage seems to be a sweet hiding place.

  45. Niteowl says:

    The only stuff I downloaded was Buttocks and Zmiv. I did download and a bunch of that late 70s poppy punk swedish crap but I deleted them when I realized it was garbage! That’s real nice you figured me out on the yahoo group like I knew you would. I don’t give a fuck about being out in the open and you and your asshole record collecting buddies on this blog can post as much of my ebay listings as you want. I really don’t care and I could care less that you know who I am. You can pay me a visit anytime.
    Do you know what my name really is???

  46. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    It’s strange since you’ve been moaning and complaining about all the money grubbing business in the KBD Yahoo group and pretend to be a “real” punk rocker with certain values. Yet you rip people off by letting them bid on your CDRs. I hope you live well and have some friends that share your weird values. Some of your friends would be: Guy Robert Arcahmbue, Johnny Christansen and Vom Doom.

    If you don’t care then it’s strange that you care so much. See the contradiction?

    Why should I visit you? You seem like an odd and bitter person to hang around with. Thanks but I think I’ll pass.

  47. Niteowl says:

    Thanks for checking my archives, at least somebody is reading them! I guess you don’t like Johnny because he used to sell cd-r’s, right? I guess you don’t like VD cuz he has a history like Lewdsnot by ripping people off. BTW, many ebayers are very grateful that I am on ebay and they were the one’s encouraged me to sell. I am very honest when a buyer asks me if it is a cd-r. check my feedbacks!

  48. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Seriosly I don’t know who Johnny or Vom Doom is I just saw that you’ve filed some complaints about them. Are they grateful when they see that the CDR that they bidded on is up for sale minutes later? Do you really think it’s moraly right to do so? I could do that as well but if so I would be clear in my auctions and sell them for a low fixed price. Now you’re just taking advantage of your position towards buyers who have no idea that the stuff you’re selling haven been downloaded for free and burned to CDR. Sorry but you seem a little stupid to me so please do us all a favour and stop visiting this site or I’ll ban you for real.

  49. Niteowl says:

    Most of the stuff I sell came from my record collection. I sold only a few from blogs and stopped, because I realized that wasn’t cool since the music didn’t belong to me. Btw, I am not AKA Crash, okay? Many buyers do not care that I put my stuff up again. The only one’s who do are the record collecting pretentious assholes who never bid on my auctions and those are the one’s I’m always honest with when they asked if its a cd-r. Please stop these accusations with me. I sold off my record collection and burned everything on cdr. If you don’t believe that I had a record collection then check my feedback ratings.
    Give me three good reasons that you are not on the “bad side” and I will give you three good reasons that you are!

  50. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    So all of a sudden you admit that you was selling music downloaded from blogs like the Zero Boys for example? Ahh I forgot! You where friends with the Zero Boys.

    Nah I don’t have to defend myself but please give me the three reasons you’re thinking of and then please go away! You’re seriously tiresome and you’re defens for doing what you’re doing is falling short.

    If you want to discuss this feel free to email me: peter@the-flakes.com

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