Spy – Spy’s 1/2 E.P. 7″

spy.jpg“If you’re fat you only have yourself to blame since you don’t do the pogo”. Stated on the sleeve. I think Janne(Korva) the guitarist and one of the dudes who works at our practice place “Skylten” in Linkoping have to pogo a little more nowadays. Putte the drummer went on to one of the more succesfull bands in Sweden: The Creeps. Ronny the singer became a drunk and now lives in Thailand where he runs a snake farm! I’ve seen Totte the bass player at my gym in Linkoping last year. He looks the same as in the early ’80s. He’s a professional musician nowadays. Violin? Can’t remember. Then we have Peter Kagerland who where one of the most important perverts in the Linkoping punk scene. Responsible for the the TV Eyes drummer introduction to punk. And he was one of the punks I looked up to.


When I went to my first punk concert in the spring of 1979 I sang togheter with Kagerland during an IQ 55 song. That made a huge impression on me! How he who I then felt been a punk for years could “lower” himself to sing with a little fat kid that was at his first punk concert. The line up at that gig where: WBT, IQ 55, The Baiters and Grisen Skriker. Great gig! Now: Enjoy Spys one and only 7inch. Peter Kagerland is in the making of a book compiling all punk rock 7inches released in Sweden during the years from 1977-1983. Keep your eyes open!


Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: Hummer
Format: 7″
Sa ar ditt liv.mp3
Spritens makt.mp3
Ja’ maste ga.mp3

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  1. Martin says:

    You should put up the entire WBT 7″ here, that one is really good. And by the way, that concert seemed to be a great introduction to punk. My first was G-Anx and Raped Teenagers in Jönköping.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hi Martin! WBT only released a 12″ but I don’t have that at home right now. He he Raped Teenagers and G-Anx. Can’t remember that we played in Jonkoping with Raped. Where was it?

  3. Martin says:

    Waow, was I ever so wrong… I just heard 3 songs by WBT and asumed that it was a 7″. The good news is that a friend of mine had a spare copy that he was willing to give away.
    I did some research for the G-anx/ RT concert, and I was wrong there as well. It was G-anx and some other band with puffy hair… I got a tape with G-anx and Raped Teenagers some time afterwards and by then I had seen pix of you, so I assumed that it was you that I saw, but not. I still have to figure out who that other band was.
    Anyway, you played in JKPG in 88 or 89, but it was at some weird place (punk wise), and not Kulturhuset. Maybe Grand or Storan…?

  4. BCDotson says:

    Cool Stuff. The second song reminded me a lot of the germs.

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ronny the singer of Spy could as well be our hometowns own Darby Crash. Take away the brightness of Darby and we’re somewhat close.

  6. Akjell says:

    anything that is NOT raped teenagers is great. raped was a fucking joke. crap!!!

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