Suicide Commandos – Make A Record LP 12″

suicidecommandos.jpgThe band that influenced acts like: Husker Du, Replacements and have to been a big wehicle for the spiring Minneapolis scene to come in the early ’80s. Rumours has it that Chris Osgood(guitar/vocals) was a guitar teacher for Bob Mould. If then thank you Chris since early Husker Du have been one of my favourite early Hardcore bands.


In 1974 Chris Osgood (the godfather of the Minneapolis music scene), Dave Ahl, and Steve Almaas formed The Suicide Commandos. They released two singles on PS Records (which preceded Twin/Tone Records.) The Commandos were one of the pioneer US bands touring the country, having to book themselves by convincing club owners in every city that their kind of music would draw people.


The “Make A Record” seemed to float around everywhere as far as I can remember it. It didn’t look good(yeah I used to be a shallow bastard NOW I know it’s what inside that counts. yeah sure!) even though it had many songs so it took a long time before I picked it up. I think it was the TV Eye drummer who turned me on to this masterpiece.


Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Blank
Format: 12″
Shock Appeal.mp3
Attacking The Beat.mp3
Mosquito Crucifixion.mp3
Mr. Dr.mp3
Call Of The Wild.mp3
You Can’t.mp3
I Need A Torch.mp3
I Don’t Get It.mp3
Real Cool.mp3
Burn It Down.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Suicide Commandos – Make A Record LP 12″

  1. dylan says:

    COOL! i always wondered what this sounded like. i know that the 45s are worth picking up if you ever see em!

  2. Earl says:

    A classic album and a good post–I am just glad I got the CD before it went out of print again. Do you happen to have the “Commit Suicide” live concert? I can’t find this one anywhere. I tried to order it from a place called Garage D’yor, but they ripped me off (they don’t answer email), and I never got it.

  3. Harry says:

    I was lucky to find this at a yardsale in the mid 90’s…but too bad i had to trade it! Another regret…not going to see the SC’s do a free instore show while i was staying in Minneapolis in 1999…I’ll never live that one down

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Earl, I don’t have the “Commit Suicide” live record. I saw that Ryan of Break My Face is selling it at eBay right now. I would love hear that one too.

  5. Troy says:

    Great record. Not too big on their singles though.

  6. joe.stumble says:

    I always thought these guys were over-rated. My favorite tracks by them were the ones on “Big Hits of Mid-America Vol 2”. The greatest of the early Minneapolis bands was NNB…but regardless, its nice to hear these again and I do like this more than the 45s.

  7. Harry says:

    Here’s a link to a video of “Burn It Down” that i posted on youtube

  8. jb says:

    Thanks for the post. I like it lots. yayah!

  9. timsum says:

    Again thanks for all the great music! Been after this for a while and it doesn’t disappoint… cheers!

  10. wedge says:

    yeah, this is MUCH better than their 45’s…

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Their 7inches is quite bad actually. Suck? Ok they suck.

  12. Tony says:

    The guys look like dorks on the cover, especially the guy on the left wearing the knee-high fishing boots. But a great LP, mostly. Some of the tracks are a little too rock for me, but the best for me are “Mosquito Crucifixion” and “Kidnapped” especially. I found a copy online back in ’99 for about $10 but it had a cut corner which offends my collector sensibilities.

  13. wedge says:

    i wouldnt say the 45’s “Suck”, they just arent in the same class as this rippin’ LP.

  14. Martin says:

    I was going to buy a MDC album today, but lucky me found this album instead. It has a cut corner, but who cares. Record collectors are pretentious assholes anyway.

  15. onychotillomaniac says:

    Great! I always avoided this one. Boy, I was wrong! Thanks!

  16. daniel says:

    this one is a real killer!! thanks a lot for posting it. even better than the first dickies album…ggrrrrrreat!

  17. Hello Hello says:

    very good record, for what was an unknown band for me. I can see the Husker Du connection clearly. very
    happening listening it in an intense car traffic. Thanks for your site.

  18. WetHead says:

    Found this vinyl on eBay this week for a paltry $6 so don’t give up looking for it. Wow, GREAT LP!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys, Anthology Recordings is selling The Suicide Commandos – Commit Suicide Dance Concert. Its a live show. it’s the only site that’s selling the digital reissue. check it out

  20. Jack Mangan says:

    Reconnecting to music from my youth! The Commando’s played at my high school home coming dance…..what a blast. Thanks to my teacher – Mr. (james) Ashworth for bring real music in the hallways of Murray Jr/Sr high school in St. Paul, MN. Mr. A also got me and my buddies turned onto the Longhorn in downtown Minneapolis. Watching the local music scene grow in front of our eyes was incredible!

  21. Cassidy says:

    Never heard about this band before, cool stuff!..reminds a bit of The Gears or The dickies. Thanks for posting!

  22. elliott says:

    this is great! thanks.

  23. John Benedict says:

    Do you have “Mark He’s a Terror/Mismatch” 7″?

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