UHF – Cavalos de Corrida 7″

uhf_sleeve.jpgAs I was listening to Johans awesome radio station RadioObligato some weeks ago a track appeared that got my attention. It turned out I got the 7inch so it has to be posted. The b-side is bland rock n roll that is something you don’t want to hear. You want to hear it? No you won’t! Trust me. From Portugal and that’s all I know. This is just one of many great songs aired over there. Check it out goddamit!
Country: Portugal
Year: 1980
Label: EMI
Format: 7″
Cavalos de Corrida.mp3

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  1. Thanks for tze plug. They’re a so big of a name in Portugal they even got their own wikipedia-entry:

  2. Fernando says:

    This is one of the best bands in portugal… 30 years of carrear, and many many songs like this one. if you are a fan of pure rock, check for them…


  3. Fastio says:

    UHF cavalos corrida , is one of the best punk-pop song made in Portugal , try to listen , grupo parlamentar (also great , punk-powerpop) , TILT (punk kbd style) , Speeds (punk),GNR (powerpop , very catchy), Mau Mau.
    You can listen songs from portuguese scene in this site :


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