Career Suicide/Jed Whitey LP 12″

career_jed_sleeve.jpgFor all you old bastards who lost your trust in HC many years ago when HC got synonumus with Metal and general crap mostly from the NY scene. Here’s a Canadian band that I got introduced to by Per Thunell(Filthy Christians, Protes Bengt and now in a great HC band called Bruce Banner) last year. I almost shit my pants when hearing this. At last a great HC band that sounds like HC and not metal!


CS vocalist sure sounds alot like FU’S John Sox. But all in all this is just plain awesome and now I’m enthusiastic about HC again too. And NO this isn’t just a rehash of the good old days. Actually this is in many parts better then many old HC bands you worship. Just admit it! Isn’t it great when kids can inspire old farts who was responsible for the inspiration for them.


Stand out track: It Takes One To Know! That tracks makes me…ARGGGGH!! For those of you who’re not too keen on the HC stuff still might enjoy: There’s Something Wrong With You. From Toronto, Canada. Website:


CS if you need a drummer sometime please give me a call!


Country: Canada
Year: 2004
Label: Deranged Youth
Format: 12″
Career Suicide – The One That Got Away.mp3
Career Suicide – Borrowed Time.mp3
Career Suicide – On The Run.mp3
Career Suicide – Disguise.mp3
Career Suicide – It Takes One To Know.mp3
Career Suicide – Rearranged.mp3
Career Suicide – Theres Something Wrong With You.mp3
Career Suicide – Caption.mp3
Jed Whitey – Kill Radio
Jed Whitey – Hey Whitey
Jed Whitey – Hands Up If You Think I’m Cool
Jed Whitey – State Violence, State Control
Jed Whitey – Bad Taste Antidote

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  1. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ok! Now I know why CS is so fucking great! Read this from flexyourheads website:”I think the problem most bands that try and play “early 80s” hardcore have is that they listen to early 80s hardcore. That’s not to say that I don’t love that stuff or draw vast inspiration from it… but think about it: musically, those early hardcore outfits appeared out of nowhere, made something out of nothing. What were they listening to? That’s what we listen to. You know, music.”

  2. wedge says:

    saw this band live 1 time a couple years ago. they opened for FORWARD. i was NOT impressed at all. there was so much hype surrounding them, i thing i expected too much. as a result, i never bothered to get any of their records. this stuff you have here is way cool!! snotty, fast PUNK with great, youthful aggro WITHOUT being any jock-o BS. ill have to check out more of their stuff

    and tell Per i said “Hello” & have nothing but major thanks for him autographing my Protes Bengt ep when he stayed here a couple years ago. Bruce Banner ruled at my friends basement gig that day, too!!!

  3. Woody says:

    Definitely one of my favourite local bands here in Ontario.

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Wedge, I’ll take some beers with Per next week. Where are you from in the States? Or will he know who you are just by telling Wedge said hi?

  5. dicknose says:

    dude, their new lp is killer.

  6. LetMeOut says:

    this slab o wax is boring, not sure why so many canadian bands keep getting all this hype, maybe the marketing trolls have invaded the punk scene…

  7. OneChordWonder says:

    Thanks for posting this!! I love CS, they combine the sounds of newer hardcore with the old classics. Great vox too

  8. Jay Thurston says:

    Career Suicide are the only hardcore band that matters!

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