The Germs – Cruising Studio Sessions E.P. 7″

germs_cruisin.jpgThis boot don’t have Lion’s Share which I think will make that session 5 tracks all in all? The Germs have always been hyped to death more or less. Yes, the’re great but take a look at eBay and how many boots are there floating around these days? I bought this dirt cheap cause I hadn’t heard these songs and accidently my copy happened to be signed by Pat Smear.


Funny enough the longest song is my choice here. I feel creepy when listening to it and apptly enough it’s titled Not All Right. I think I can hear just HOW bad Darby is feeling. And that little drum intro by Don makes me smile every time.


Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Bandwagon
Format: 7″
Throw It Away.mp3
Not All Right.mp3
Now I Hear The Laughter.mp3
Going Down.mp3

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  1. Johan says:

    You guys are fucking mindreaders I looked for this the other day with no luck. And then I checked here: TADA!
    thank you very much.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    HA HA HA great coincidence then :). Hope this makes your days little easier in Motala.

  3. Johan says:

    holidays starting tomorrow, so things are clearing up. Punk festival this weekend. If I just can get my hands on some more Briefs Lp:s my life is complete. For the moment :)

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I have all The Briefs LPs. Used to be a total sucker for The Briefs but nowadays hmm I don’t know. They’ve gone down the drain I think. The only one you need is the Hit After Hit. Look for an upcoming post of their first Poor And Weird 7inch though!

  5. Johan says:

    I like the singer, best voice since Tv smith and his adverts split. I got the singles only Lp, I bought it from Hönhie last time he was here, Typical for the german bastard to hook you up with good shit and then don’t come back with more until one or two years later. I’m domnloading the other stuff with ’em, but I want the real thing. I found one Lp at hotstuff and I’m gonna order it now.

  6. wedge says:

    i must agree, NOT ALL RIGHT is the best Germs song EVER!! theres just something about it…

    “Lions Share” is missing from this ep bootleg as the same people who did this one, also released (at the same time) a seperate Germs 45 called “What God Means To Me” & that has the 2 songs “Lions Share b/w No God”. also, in the late 1980’s theres a LP with this whole 5-tracks session on 1 side & GREAT PERFECT 1st GENERATION quality stuff from their last show on the other side. its called “Lions Share” & its on a label called Lager Rythms…ive heard many rumours that it was actually financed by an ex-band member that was so frustrated over the legal BS that prevented these studio tracks being officially released, they went & pressed it themselves. a re-issue of this bootleg appeared in the late 1990’s, but i have no idea of the quality of that issue, but it uses the same sleeve graphics.

    whats funny, is the OFFICIAL CD issue of the Germs discography on Slash is from the WORST quality tape of these sessions & they sound unlistenable there. these “bootlegs” sound totally perfect in comparison…

  7. BCDotson says:

    This is really good, I’m not even that big of a Germs fan, but I like this. I can actually understand what Darby is singing on this. Great post!!

  8. fred says:

    Yeah fuck that Briefs bs and any other underwear bands.

    That one poster is 100% correct that the Germs CD has some serious sounds problems, INCLUDING the GI cuts, which sound muddy. Lion’s Share was a cool boot, the band member they are a-luding to could only be Bolles, as Pat seized all the copies at Rhino, so it wannit him! No way was it Lorna.

    The real shame is that My Tunnel is part of the Jack Nitzche sessions, and is only included on the MIA cd as a taped-from-Rodney recording, fade-in and all!

  9. Tom says:

    The amazing thing is that you can actually hear the background vocals, unlike the MIA cd.

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