The Child Molesters – Hillside Strangler 7″

childmolesters.jpgToo bad one of the coolest song titles of 1978 “Don’t Worry Kyoko(mummy’s only looking for her hand in the snow)” have to be 5:24 and totaly pointless. What a waste! But the a-side is a rather decent classic. My copy is from the 20th anniversary release from 1998 and includes a nice booklet with hilarious photos of the band posing with young girls, Farren the guitarist fully dressed up in a nazi uniform and more tastelesness. Everything to shock and to be as punk as possible. Love it or hate it. I’m in the middle. Here’s madman Farren Forceps webiste: A child molester.


Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Ace And Duce
Format: 7″
Hillside Strangler.mp3
Don’t Worry Kyoko(mummy’s only looking for her hand in the snow)

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19,170 Responses to The Child Molesters – Hillside Strangler 7″

  1. James says:

    Great song, easily the best thing they ever done. Yeah the b-side (a Yoko Ono cover) is pretty lame.

  2. Mr Thrills says:

    Their other singles are better. “I Wanna See Some Wholesale Murder”, “13 is my lucky number” and “I Wanna Punch You in the Face” are awesome.

    • ClashSUK says:

      On the songs mentioned by you, these guys sound like a ZZ Top cover band. Not good. This single, on the other hand is good. Take your pick.

      • KevinCoed says:

        Are you insane! Those songs are fucking great. I played ‘I Wanna Punch You In The Face’ (amongst other inappropriate songs) at my wedding reception. Then my new wife dragged me away from the turntables.

        • ClashSUK says:

          Lucky she didn’t stab you! Anyway, those tunes BLOW big time and pretty much NOT punk. That stuff makes the WORST Mentors sound AMAZING in comparison!

          • KevinCoed says:

            She likes that song just fine.. she just didn’t think that the stuff I was playing was suitable for a wedding reception.

            And you don’t think ’13 Is My Lucky Number’ sounds punk?

          • Johnny says:

            You’re an idiot. Child Molesters were pure punk.

          • ClashSUK says:

            “!3” is ok I guess, but compared to “Hillside Strangler”, who cares?! Oh and to Johnny, thanks – being called an idiot by a guy like you HAS to be a compliment of some sort. Plus paying all this dough for records that suck? Who’s really the idiot, bonzo?

  3. dylan says:

    these guys are great. members still play in the L.A. area under the name “mystery band” although i think they stopped playing “13 is my lucky number” a long time ago…

  4. wedge says:

    sorry, but i think the B-side is GREAT!! totally annoying, poorly recorded, and thats what i expect from GREAT records!! YEAH!!! its even better to use to get people out of my house after a party has gone on too long…

  5. Jamey says:

    B-Side is a Yoko Ono tune. Was the B-side to John Lennon’s ‘Cold Turkey’, released in 1969. Even cooler title for that time period!!!

  6. Brett Billig says:

    Drew Steele gave me a couple of your singles years ago and I dig your music.

  7. Well, you’ll hear alot of stories and speculation
    about this less than thrilling teen combo, but here at Ace & Duce Records we can answer any and all questions about this ill fated rock and roll ensemble. We also still have some copies left of the 20th Anniversary Bootleg Edition of the Hillside Strangler available for sale. All our records are long out of print now (the Sympathy For The Record Industry titles were deleted in 2002). We may reissue the catalog at some later date, but no such plans are underway at present. You can write to Ace & Duce Records (P.O. Box 691, South Pasadena, CA 91031-0691) or through the website Thanks for keeping our sordid past alive.

    Ace Farren Ford

  8. This band was never more than a footnote to the 1977 L.A. scene and I was amazed when the original single became the most sought after California single in the late 1980’s.

  9. Jeremy says:

    This is an awesome song I love you guys. You to Pierre

  10. little berger says:

    oh pretty please i gotta hear I WANNA.

    • Tork Lugnutz says:

      Now little berger, you know better than this, you can always contact the direct source through the website. I understand Mr. Ford can be reached through the Purple Panther Tattoo Shop most times, and says he’s not heard from you in a long while. Get on it girl!

  11. ClashSUK says:

    Just to be clear, I QUITE like this 7″ (a-side is CLASSIC, but b-side has merit too, so I’m surprised it gets thrown under the bus so COMPLETELY – it’s not that bad, especially when you consider some of the stuff on here that people yammer on about as being great), it’s mostly the second one I think to be sub-par, and even that point I’m starting to give on a little, having played the songs several times in a row, just to make sure I’m not talking out of turn. I guess I need to see some “Wholesale Murder”?

  12. Væringjar Eggeling says:

    Despite her stupid, hippie other half (if you ask me, it’s an injustice that Mark David Chapman’s parole has been postponed), Yoko Ono was once pretty cool–I can’t wholeheartedly praise Fluxus but it was kind of fun. The original and this version of Kyoko are both great. I suspect it’s readily available elsewhere, but this single is almost deserving of a repost with the B-side.

  13. Kid Collins says:

    What are the lyrics on Hillside after “all you women sure look good”?

    I’m thinkin’ either:

    you might uh see me tonight get my diamonds just right
    in the city tonight get my diamonds just right
    you’re my sweetie tonight get my diamonds just right

    or ?

    P.S. – Hillside Strangler is not only punk, it is one of the top 10 punk songs of all time. There can be no debate.

  14. “You might see me tonight, if my timing’s just right.”

    sorry for my punk rock enunciation. i was only 20.

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